Serial 1 adds Google Cloud connectivity to e-bikes

  • May 25, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Utah-based Serial 1 has launched the second-generation of its city e-bikes that now include Google Cloud connectivity.

Developed in partnership with Google Cloud, the connectivity features capture essential ride data, improve security and safety, and make it easier to enjoy every ride.

“We are thrilled that Google Cloud has selected Serial 1 as an e-mobility partner,” said Aaron Frank, brand director at Serial 1. “This means that Serial 1 will integrate Google Cloud’s new intelligent product essentials software into its e-bikes, enabling predictive, proactive and intelligent features that provide a better e-bicycle experience for every rider.”

Matthias Breunig, global automotive director for Google Cloud, added: “It’s exciting to see how Serial 1 is enhancing transportation experiences with data and analytics. We’re pleased to bring Google Cloud’s intelligent product essentials to Serial 1 riders and help provide e-bike experiences that are safe and personalised to each interaction.”

With app-controlled security features, Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time ride data gathered directly from the e-bike, the Serial 1 app serves as a ride assistant for the e-bike.

Connectivity features include integrated digital security with pinpoint accuracy. With pinpoint mode enabled, users will have the ability to track precisely, monitor and digitally lock their e-bike no matter where it is relative to them.

Integrating Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation data, app users can plan the best bicycle-specific routes, including local bike lanes, bike paths and bike trails.

From speed to efficiency, from distance to battery range, every detail of the ride is available at the user’s fingertips. Each time they complete a ride they’ll receive a post-ride summary and be able to compare ride and performance data over time.

All the e-bikes are equipped with an integrated USB-C charging cable beneath the handlebar stem for powering a mobile phone to run the Serial 1 app.

In addition to cloud-enabled data management, Serial 1’s platform is equipped with the connectivity hardware to ensure a reliable connection. An integrated IoT device enables connection via not only Bluetooth wireless technology but also using cellular data and/or GPS, to ensure the bike can be accessed even when it is not within sight.

These connectivity features plus more colour options for all models round out the changes for the second-generation e-bikes, which are in Serial 1 dealerships around the world and available online direct-to-consumer in the USA.