Seoul Robotics adds 3D Perception to ITS

  • May 1, 2023
  • William Payne

3D infrastructure specialist Seoul Robotics has launched an intersection traffic solution that provides analytics and alerts for traffic controllers. Seoul Robotics’ solution adds a layer of intelligence to 3D perception by interpreting real-time data to provide roadway information for urban traffic management.

The solution collects and analyses data through SENSR-I. This is an infrastructure-customised version of the company’s 3D perception platform, SENSR. SENSR-I uses deep learning AI to track, detect, and identify vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians to create a digital twin of the environment. This provides traffic controllers insights for real-time decision-making by identifying and addressing road risks, such as extending light signals to ensure safe passage for late pedestrian crossings.

Using AI, Seoul Robotics’ solution is able to interpret intersection activities based on real-time and statistical data, as opposed to relying on physically triggered signals. It is designed with an open architecture that uses standard communication protocols in order to share insights on object location, travel direction, and speed with the various traffic controllers used by cities. According to Seoul Robotics, this is a departure from traditional intersection solutions that rely on passive alert systems that are disruptive and costly to install.

“Cities have been struggling with outdated traffic systems that lack intelligence and essentially ignore the most unpredictable and vulnerable road users,” said William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics. “Our latest solution bridges the gap by providing cities worldwide with the tools to actually improve traffic operations. With instant access to vital information and advanced detection for not just vehicles, but also pedestrians and bicyclists, cities can now take bold steps to revolutionise urban mobility and ensure the safety of their communities.”