Seoul adopts IoT-based fire hydrant monitoring

  • February 1, 2023
  • William Payne

South Korean capital Seoul is piloting IoT-based monitoring to maintain fire hydrants within the city. This will replace having workers check the hydrants in the street manually. The IoT solution will allow remote inspection of street fire hydrants by inspectors at local fire stations.

The hydrants, which are located in streets, supply water to fire trucks. These are used to refill fire trucks after a fire. They can also be used to supplement fire trucks’ tanks during fierce blazes to allow the fire fighters to continue without running out of water. Fire hydrants are an essential piece of emergency equipment for many cities around the world.

Seoul has around 60,000 fire hydrants. In Seoul’s central business district, Jongno, there are nearly 3,000, the most in the city.

In a statement, the city authorities said that the IoT-based fire hydrant solution will be demonstrated in 13 areas in Jongno starting in February 2022. A pillar equipped with a motion detection sensor, a warning light, and a speaker will be installed near a fire hydrant. CCTV will monitor roads for fire trucks in real-time. The city said the demonstration will be expanded to other areas after a test run for a year.

The solution will be also used to monitor illegal parking near fire hydrants. Inspectors will notify drivers to move their vehicles.