Senmiao intelligent transportation for Chengdu

  • November 8, 2021
  • William Payne

Chengdu-based ride-hailing platform Senmiao Technology has been contracted to provide intelligent urban transportation and supporting technology in Chengdu, one of the largest cities in China and a major industrial and technology hub in Sichuan Province.

Under the agreement, Chengfeng, a subsidiary of state-own transport company Neijiang Chengfeng, will provide Senmiao with certifications and resources for customised passenger transportation, intercity carpooling, online ride-hailing business licenses, and will also manage communications with local government officials.

Senmiao will also provide operational support services for customised passenger transportation, intercity carpooling, city express, SAAS express and technology systems involved in digital transformation, as well as providing the development, introduction and technical support for Chengfeng’s taxi brand.

The two parties initiated their first cooperation in September 2021 following a contract signed by Senmiao and Neijiang Di’An Automobile Service Ltd (“Di’An”), a subsidiary of Chengfeng. In this cooperation, Senmiao authorises Di’An to act as an agent for online ride-hailing operation in the city of Neijiang. Di’An will recruit and provide management of drivers and vehicles suitable for online ride-hailing services, as well as take the lead on communication with local authorities.

Xi Wen, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Senmiao, stated, “We are pleased to announce this close partnership with Chengfeng, an innovative company with significant expertise in Neijiang’s online ride-hailing market that possesses strong local relationships. With this cooperation with Chengfeng, Senmiao expects to accelerate the growth of its online ride-hailing business in Neijiang while exploring potential opportunities that would allow for the expansion of our footprint across Sichuan to promote both Senmiao’s and Chengfeng’s interests in technology systems involving digital transformation.”

Chengfeng provides construction and maintenance services for real-time GPS monitoring systems for mobile and fixed targets in Neijiang, Sichuan Province. Since 2002, Chengfeng has established cooperation relationships with various well-known companies such as China Telecom and China Mobile.