Seattle picks Iteris for smart mobility

  • June 20, 2022
  • William Payne

The City of Seattle has awarded a contract for a programme of urban smart mobility, safety and sustainability to Iteris. The company will provide a SaaS solution that will include dynamic maps to support detailed traffic analysis; features to help identify and mitigate congestion; animations to analyse events and optimise response plans; historical trend reports and dynamic congestion charts to track reliability and support planning; and APIs to share this information with other tools.

Management of the programme will be carried out by the Seattle Department of Transport, which will also use the cloud solution to populate travel times on its dynamic messaging signage.

The system will also interconnect with related local and state authorities and partner agencies, including the State of Washington Department of Transport.

As part of a city-wide safety, mobility and sustainability programme, Iteris will provide its ClearGuide arterial performance measures (APM) and highway performance measures (HPM) modules, as well as its newly launched Speeding Analytics module. With ClearGuide APM and HPM, the city will be able to monitor arterial and highway travel times and reliability, prioritise re-timing efforts, identify congestion hotspots and understand how highway traffic affects surrounding arterial roads.

In addition, ClearGuide Speeding Analytics will enable the Seattle Department of Transport to identify and rank regional speeding hotspots before crashes occur, in support of the US Federal Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy, which seeks to address the recent spike in roadway fatalities by implementing safety strategies that bring traffic-related deaths down to zero.

It is hoped that this combination of smart mobility solutions will allow the city to adjust traffic signal timing to accommodate slower-moving road users, and minimise congestion and delays. The reduced congestion, as well as the ability to reduce the risk of collisions at the intersection, will help to improve safety, while also improving air quality through reductions in carbon emissions.

According to Iteris, the ClearGuide solution is designed to grow and expand to meet the city’s future challenges, as well as ingest a wider range of information, such as data from connected and automated vehicles.

“We are thrilled to be able to support SDOT’s goal of better managing its transportation network by providing critical mobility intelligence for arterials, highways and city-wide speeding hotspots,” said Scott Perley, vice president, customer experience and analytics at Iteris. “ClearGuide enables users to receive regular, proactive recommendations through an intuitive user interface and interactive map to improve mobility, safety and sustainability throughout complex transportation networks.”