Quantela acquires smart lighting firm Cimcon

  • August 16, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based outcomes-as-a-service firm Quantela has acquired Cimcon Lighting, a specialist in smart lighting and smart city technologies.

This acquisition will provide Quantela with coverage and access to streetlight pole infrastructure to deploy technologies and improve societal and economic outcomes.

“Acquiring Cimcon gives Quantela the opportunity to access the streetlight pole infrastructure used to deploy Cimcon controllers,” said Sridhar Gadhi, Quantela’s executive chairman. “More importantly, the cost savings realised through the deployment of these controllers improves the commercial viability of the digitisation business case, and therefore, improves Quantela’s ability to deliver better outcomes to customers. The acquisition will provide existing and future customers with the security of a larger company, with more economies of scale, larger and more diversified talent, plus even more valuable outcomes.”

Quantela supports communities through outcomes-based financing, a funding vehicle that helps communities invest in projects though cost savings and revenue generation from the implementation of smart technologies.

Cimcon, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, was founded in 2012 by Anil Agrawal. The company has more than 200 customers in 30 countries with 1.2 million streetlight controls deployed. The Burlington location will serve as Quantela’s new US headquarters.

“I am excited for our customers as we can now offer a much broader portfolio that will help communities achieve greater societal outcomes,” said Agrawal.

Quantela, founded in 2015, is an outcomes-as-a-service company that specialises in urban infrastructure digitisation. The company has more than 100 deployments across the globe. The company’s Silicon Valley headquarters will be transferred to Burlington, with offices remaining in Europe and Asia.

“Quantela helps communities improve quality of life by providing technology enabled outcomes to its customers,” said Amr Salem, Quantela’s CEO. “These outcomes are realised in the form of incremental revenue or cost savings. Outcomes are powered by real-time data and predictive analytics from applications like digital advertising, traffic management, smart parking, public wi-fi and waste management to help communities achieve their goals. The addition of Cimcon’s smart lighting capabilities will enable communities to immediately reduce streetlight energy consumption and maintenance costs.”