Oslo gains Momentum for wireless charging infrastructure

  • July 7, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
Momentum Dynamics, Jaguar Land Rover Announce Oslo Wireless Charging Project

Pennsylvania-based Momentum Dynamics is working with Jaguar Land Rover to build a wireless charging infrastructure in Oslo as part of the city’s ElectriCity programme for high-powered wireless taxis.
Momentum will join UK car maker Jaguar Land Rover, Nordic taxi operator Cabonline (Norges Taxi), the region’s largest charge point operator Fortum Recharge and the city of Oslo to build the wireless, high-powered charging infrastructure for taxis in the Norwegian capital.
The project is said to be the first wireless high-powered charging system for electric taxis in the world. By providing a fully automatic charging infrastructure model that can be implemented almost anywhere, it should help the adoption of electric vehicles globally.
Fortum Recharge, who will be supporting the installation and electrification of the project, identified the need for a more efficient charging experience for taxi drivers in Oslo and enlisted the support of Momentum Dynamics in integrating the wireless charging infrastructure.
Jaguar Land Rover will provide 25 Momentum-outfitted Jaguar I-Pace models to Cabonline, the largest taxi network in the Nordics. The SUV has been designed to enable Momentum Dynamic’s wireless charging technology. A team of engineers and technicians from Momentum Dynamics and Jaguar Land Rover helped test the system, and Cabonline signed up to operate the fleet as part of the ElectriCity programme.
Taxi drivers want a charging system that does not take them off route during their working hours. Multiple charging plates rated at 50 to 75kW each are installed in the ground in series at pick-up and drop-off points. This allows each equipped taxi to charge automatically while queuing for the next fare. The system, which uses no cables and is below ground, requires no physical connection between charger and vehicle, engages automatically and provides on average six to eight minutes of energy per each charge up to 50kW. 
The taxi receives multiple charges throughout the day on its return to the rank, maintaining a high battery state of charge and the ability to remain in round-the-clock service without driving range restrictions.
The ElectriCity partnership is part of Momentum’s vision of Clean Streets, a goal that enables EV charging without adding undesirable street clutter to urban environments.
“This is a technology breakthrough moment in the development of wireless charging for all communities,” said Momentum Dynamics CEO Andy Daga. “By providing unlimited driving range, our system enables Oslo cab drivers to stay in revenue service all day. We are pleased that the system was integrated by Momentum and Jaguar Land Rover engineers into the I-Pace in a matter of weeks, even with the difficulties of Covid-19. This project perfectly outlines the automatic electric taxi charging model for any city looking to implement zero emission transportation.”
Oslo says it will be the world’s first metropolitan area to install wireless, induction-based high-powered charging stations for electric taxis, in a bid to make its cab system emission free as early as 2024. Norway wants to go further, however, and is mandating that all new cars sold in the country by 2025 are zero emission.
“We’re delighted to welcome private enterprises to help us to turn our vision into reality,” said Arild Hermstad, Oslo’s vice mayor for environment and transport. “As part of our commitment to reducing emissions by 95 per cent before 2030, we have put many exciting measures in place, but transport continues to be a key challenge. By improving infrastructure and providing better charging to the taxi industry, we are confident that by 2024 all taxis in Oslo will be zero emission. To reach our goal, the public sector, politicians and private enterprises must come together, as we do in this project.”
Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, built around two iconic British car brands. Land Rover is a manufacturer of all-wheel-drive vehicles. Jaguar is a luxury marque. In 2019, JLR sold 557,706 vehicles in 127 countries. It employs 40,000 people globally and supports around 250,000 more through its retailer network, suppliers and local businesses.
By 2020, all public transport in Oslo will use renewable energy, and all public transport must be emissions-free by 2028. The trams and subways are already powered with renewable energy, and the electrification of bus and boat in Oslo is under way, with minibuses and taxis to be emissions-free by 2024.
Cabonline has 3000 connected taxi firms and approximately 5700 vehicles in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Its brands include TaxiKurir, Norges Taxi, Topcab, Kovanen, Taxi Skåne, Taxi Väst, Umeå Taxi, Sverigetaxi and Taxi 4×27. The group has revenue of approximately SEK6.5bn and performs about 45,000 journeys per day.
Momentum Dynamics develops automatic wireless charging systems for the automotive and transportation industries. In transit bus applications, its system has been proven through years of service at effective power levels of over 300kW and can deliver 450kW.
Recharge has operated a public EV charging network under the brand Fortum Charge & Drive since 2011. It owns more than 1300 public chargers and operates an additional 1400 chargers in Norway, Finland and Sweden. Recharge is owned by Infracapital, the infrastructure equity investment arm of M&G (63%) and clean-energy company Fortum (37%).