Las Vegas implements smart city Private 5G

  • November 27, 2023
  • William Payne

Las Vegas is building a private 5G network to connect City government, public schools, tourism and resident services. The network, which will be built by Juniper Networks, is part of the City’s strategy of becoming a model smart city by 2025.

The envisaged private 5G network will be the largest in the United States. It will be complemented by a portfolio of smart city capabilities. Juniper Networks will implement Cloud Metro, including ACX7024 Cloud Metro Routers and EX4300 Switches to provide the backbone of the metro network.

Information generated by connected city systems will allow policy makers to make data-driven decisions. These are planned to include reducing traffic congestion with last-mile transportation solutions and more efficient traffic flow for the eventual use of self-driving electric cars.

The infrastructure is managed using Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, an AI-driven cloud service that enhances visibility, automates operations and assures service level agreements.

The private 5G network’s initial coverage spans the city’s Innovation District. It is planned to expand rapidly to surrounding areas and provide residentual services.

Juniper was selected to provide aggregation and backhaul for the wireless traffic to reach 42 million annual tourists, more than 640,000 residents and span 123 miles of fibre support for traffic management. Juniper collaborated with the city’s system integrators to design a future-ready network that is open and intelligent, allowing any third-party application or end-user device to connect.

“We want to make life better for our community,” said Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation and Technical Officer for the City of Las Vegas. “This means providing amenities in the most efficient way possible, and that’s what connectivity does.”

“Juniper Networks is honoured to partner with the City of Las Vegas on their transformative journey. Our Cloud Metro solution is designed for forward-thinking cities like Las Vegas that aim to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver a superior experience in a sustainable manner,” said Julius Francis, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Automated WAN Business, Juniper Networks. “By creating a responsive, AI-driven, and secure network, we’re laying the foundation for Las Vegas to offer unparalleled services to its residents and visitors, pushing the boundaries of what a smart city can achieve.”