Iteris lands $6.8m deal to prioritise buses in LA

  • January 18, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based smart mobility infrastructure management firm Iteris has been awarded a $6.8m subcontract by Parsons to provide design, implementation and integration support for the upgrade and expansion of the Los Angeles Metro bus signal priority (BSP) system.

Under the three-year agreement with Parsons, Iteris will provide design services, procurement, integration and testing, and make operational the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X)-enabled BSP system at an additional 88 signalised intersections along key corridors in the greater Los Angeles area.

This project will upgrade and expand the largest signal priority project in the USA, and brings total deployments of Iteris’ BSP connected bus technology to more than 600 signalised intersections in the region.

The V2X-enabled BSP system will leverage existing on-bus priority request systems that incorporate GPS-based automatic vehicle location equipment, wireless communications and intersection traffic controller technologies that provide intersection-based priority granting capabilities. This deployment of the countywide signal priority system is anticipated to be completed within 34 months.

In addition, Iteris will leverage its newly launched asset management service for intersections and arterials to track and maintain the inventory and condition of equipment deployed in the field or warehoused, conduct lifecycle analysis, and monitor asset performance over time.

“Improving safety, efficiency and sustainability for all modes of transportation is a priority for Iteris, and the cities and state agencies with which we work throughout the USA,” said Scott Carlson, vice president at Iteris. “Our commitment to and continued involvement with LA Metro’s countywide signal priority programme is a testament to the efficiency of our vehicle-to-infrastructure approach to mitigate traffic congestion and improve the environment throughout southern California metropolitan areas, as well as nationwide.”

Iteris’ asset management service for intersections and arterials is a key component of the ClearMobility platform for continuously monitoring, visualising and optimising mobility infrastructure. ClearMobility applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, sensors, advisory services and managed services to help ensure roads are safe and travel is efficient.

LA Metro is one of the largest public transportation agencies in the USA, serving nearly ten million transit riders a year, covering over 215 square kilometres of Los Angeles County communities.