Intersec tests public warnings with O2 Telefónica

  • January 3, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

French mobile data firm Intersec has successfully tested public warning technology for operator O2 Telefónica in Germany.

Last month, Intersec deployed its public warning cell broadcast technology for O2 Telefónica in Germany. O2 broadcast two alert messages – in German and English – from the Federal Office for Civil Protection & Disaster Relief in seconds using the Intersec cell broadcast technology, in partnership with Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS).

The test confirmed its performance and attested to the company’s experience in deploying public alerting in a collaborative manner, in compliance with data privacy regulations, and in alignment with EECC requirements.

“We have selected Intersec because their carrier-grade solution meets all regulatory requirements while being sustainably resilient and scalable,” said Jochen Bockfeld, director of common services for O2 Telefónica. “The successful nationwide test of the cell broadcast technology has proven the high performance of the alerting solution and the professionalism of the partner.”

Cell broadcast is an important technology for early warning and emergency alerting in critical situations, especially when time is of the essence, even when operators’ mobile networks are heavily used. The alert text message can be issued to millions of mobile devices in a defined area, using a specific display and a particular ringtone to be recognised instantly as an alert.

Intersec is a European Union public warning system provider, covering 30% of the EU population with technology deployed in France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia and Luxembourg.

Intersec has 65 clients in 50 countries that leverage its instruments to locate and map 850 million mobile devices round the clock.