Huawei launches City Intelligent Twins

  • March 5, 2024
  • William Payne

Huawei has launched a new set of smart city solutions. City Intelligent Twins is based on Huawei’s city intelligent twins architecture.

The launch coincided with a roundtable event themed “Building City Intelligent Twins to Accelerate City Intelligence” at MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

According to Huawei, City Intelligent Twins represents a future-oriented, next-gen digital city technical architecture.

Based on technologies such as IoT sensing, high-speed connectivity, cloud computing, big data, and AI foundation models, this architecture helps build an integrated intelligent system featuring cloud-network-edge-device synergy, integrate all-domain data for city governance, ensure continuous operations, enable smooth running and self-optimisation for the city, and ultimately make the city smarter.

Zhou Hongquan, COO of Government Public Services Digitalisation BU of Huawei, said, “The innovative city intelligent twins architecture is Huawei’s latest achievement in core smart city technologies and applications. It helps city managers optimise operations efficiency of the city, improves residents’ quality of life, and provide powerful support for the sustainable development of smart cities.”

Based on the city intelligent twins architecture, Huawei is working with global partners to build new digital infrastructures to achieve efficient city governance and accelerate city intelligence. In practice, Huawei has successfully improved the collaboration efficiency of urban management departments by 40% and the efficiency of handling public opinion incidents by 30%.

In the future, Huawei anticipates its Government Public Services Digitalisation Business Unit will continue to team up with global partners, and use advanced ICTs as well as the open and converged city intelligent twins architecture to contribute to smart city construction, enabling cities to sense, think, and evolve.