Hisense prepares Doha transport for Fifa World Cup

  • October 24, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

To cope with huge traffic flow during next month’s Fifa World Cup in Qatar, Chinese firm Hisense is helping Doha, the capital of Qatar, develop its transportation by using data and AI technology.

Hisense, rooted in the field of intelligent transportation for more than 20 years, is helping Doha build a pilot project for intelligent transportation. The project will be completed and put into operation before the opening of the World Cup to ensure safe, efficient traffic and reduce pollutant emissions during the games based on GPS trajectory and real-time video tracking.

The Fifa World Cup is the leading football tournament for national teams. Run every four years, the 2022 event will start on November 20 and the 32 teams will be whittled down to just two that will compete in the final on December 18.

Hisense entered this field in 1998; it has been a leading company in China’s intelligent transportation industry for the past ten years, and has participated in a number of significant projects.

This March, Hisense signed a partnership with the government of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa for an intelligent bus system, which is expected to be completed within 21 months. With this system, citizens can obtain real-time bus schedule through mobile apps and digital information displays. The system also enables public transportation companies to achieve real-time monitoring, remote control and intelligent dispatch, analyse the matching between passenger flow and transport capacity, resource allocation and monitor maintenance, which lay the groundwork for future scientific decision-making. 

Hisense’s 640cm LED screen was unveiled at the CSW bus terminal, the centre of Jakarta’s smart city transportation, displaying real-time traffic and schedule information to provide enjoyable traveling experience for passengers. Hisense intelligent transportation has also branched out to South Africa, West Africa, Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Slovenia and Serbia.

In recent years, Hisense has continued to transform its products and industrial chain to high-end and high technology, gradually becoming a specialist for B2B industries with commercial displays, ultrasonic medical and smart cities, and succeeded in transforming itself from a home appliance company to a high-tech company.

Hisense aims to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, increase resource investment and business expansion in the B2B segment, and further enhance the global influence of overseas B2B business.