Hayden AI start-up tackles traffic congestion

  • February 4, 2020
  • imc

Californian start-up Hayden AI Technologies is using artificial intelligence to tackle modern traffic conditions and increased urbanisation.
The team originates from the autonomous vehicle space with domain experience in deep learning, computer vision and mapping.
“Our antiquated roads are being choked by modern technology,” said Chris Carson, cofounder and CEO of Hayden AI. “There’s no integration of the old ways and new and, sadly, it’s not just a matter of being inconvenienced, as citizens are suffering. In the last ten years alone, pedestrian fatalities in urban areas are up by 69%. At Hayden AI, we’ve asked ourselves what we can do to reverse this trend. How can we mitigate congestion while saving lives?”
The answer, it believes, is not just more traffic enforcement but smarter, scalable enforcement. Enforcement that integrates. Hayden AI has created a platform called Smart Sense consisting of an intelligent camera, smart cloud, HD maps and a web portal that can be accessed by city officials.
“Hayden AI’s mobile vision-based solutions utilise a city’s existing transportation fleet to collect real-time data to support the enforcement of traffic laws,” said Vaibhav Ghadiok, VP of engineering. “This cost-effective and scalable approach provides 100% coverage of the roads, thus drastically improving traffic safety, eliminating traffic fatalities and encouraging transportation efficiency.”
In addition to collecting data that support the enforcement of traffic laws, Hayden AI’s system collects rich data for cities to use in parking management, asset tracking, analysis of traffic patterns, kerbside management, identifying road and pavement hazards, and more.
Hayden AI has developed an AI-powered platform for smart and safe city applications. It partners with innovative cities to deploy its vision-based mobile system in a city’s existing transportation fleet and private vehicles to collect real-time data. These generate insights that help improve traffic safety, eliminate traffic fatalities and encourage transportation efficiency.
Hayden AI was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco.