DFI demos smart traffic intersection at Embedded World

  • March 20, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson
Gary Chang.

Taiwanese industrial computer specialist DFI built a smart traffic intersection at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg to demonstrate smart city applications.

Alongside VicOne, the automotive cyber-security subsidiary of Trend Micro, it demonstrated technologies related to vehicle software security application that enable more comprehensive network security protection for smart cities.

To demonstrate the AI computing and vehicle-to-everything technology used in connected vehicles and smart poles, DFI built a smart traffic intersection at the show with road side units (RSUs), digital signage, intelligent edge computers, onboard units (OBU), in-vehicle AI computers and driver HMIs.

“We have intelligent traffic roadside components for outside and on-board computers for inside the vehicles,” said Gary Chang, system manager at DFI.

DFI and VicOne showed a real C-V2X example of when a hacker uses vulnerabilities of smart devices to hack into and affect a vehicle or the safety of people and vehicles. After the built-in IDPS (xCarbon) of the OBU receives an abnormal message, it immediately communicates with the HMI and reports to the back end VSOC (xNexus) to take corresponding preventive actions.

VicOne’s vehicle network security uses remote control of abnormal data signals and real-time warnings to help car manufacturers, fleet operators, and system suppliers establish a more powerful vision of information security defence, and prevent and defend against hacker invasions.

With the rise of technologies related to EVs, the development of the internet of vehicles (IoV) has attracted attention and been integrated into smart cities. Various mobile vehicles, traffic signals and transportation infrastructure can share a large amount of data through the internet before performing backend AI computing to improve transportation efficiency and pedestrian safety.

DFI is deploying smart transportation and providing C-V2X IoV technologies.

Incorporating information security into transportation tools, fleet management and smart poles at the design stage can help public transportation or self-driving vehicles respond to new types of hacker attacks.

With the wave of infrastructure construction brought about by global industrial automation and digital transformation, DFI plans to collaborate with its partners to continue developing and integrating miniature edge computing products.