CU Phosco urban pole for smart cities

  • April 16, 2024
  • William Payne

UK based CU Phosco has launched a smart pole designed to provide street-level connectivity in a small footprint and increase capacity and densification of city-based networks.

Connected Urban is designed to provide multi-faceted services supporting a broad range of Smart City services and technologies, including antennas, CCTV, and public address systems.

This Connected Urban Smart Pole is aimed to provide local government and private asset owners with a platform to deploy smart city infrastructure. It is also being marketed as opening revenue opportunities through rental arrangements for mobile network operators in dense and sought-after street-level locations.

The solution provides: street-level telecommunications in a small footprint and increasing capacity and densification of radio networks for increased connectivity. It delivers macro and small cell in one pole, with a modular, scalable design to accommodate multifaceted services for a full smart city solution.

The new smart pole is designed to aesthetically designed to be sympathetic to local environments, and provides great airflow supply and solar protection, allowing it to be thermally resilient to ambient temperatures.