Blue IoT and Yotta connect everything

  • November 2, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
Proof of concept project based on IoT capabilities: Highways management and maintenance project for Auckland System Management in New Zealand.

Asset management software provider Yotta is working with with Australian IoT smart cities integration firm Blue IoT to connect everything from waste bins to streetlights to storm-water drains, as well as delivering low carbon footprint smart buildings, and energy and environmental services management.

As a collaborative partnership, where appropriate both parties will refer their customers and prospects to the other’s services and highlight the benefits of these, as well as seeking opportunities to develop joint proofs of concept to demonstrate their capabilities.

Both Yotta’s Alloy connected asset management platform and Blue IoT’s Encompass Blue cloud-based IoT building and energy management system have open APIs so end-users can integrate the two systems together as well as integrate them with their own infrastructure.

“Historically, we have been associated with traditional highways and waste management opportunities with UK-based local governments and councils,” said Anique Bravenboer, alliance manager at Yotta. “Those markets will continue to be strong for us, however, we are looking to expand into new geographies and market sectors. Our interactions with customers increasingly start with IoT today and this is a space we want to grow into more moving forwards. This new partnership will help us to sustain this focus on IoT, as well as significantly expand the cost savings and efficiency gains we can offer our local government customers.”

Working with Blue IoT represents a value add for Yotta. Through Alloy, it says it can offer its customers better connectivity to all its infrastructure assets.

“Thanks to our agreement with Blue IoT, we will also be able to offer them better smart building and energy management including a range of Covid-19 risk mitigation services, particularly indoors across their offices, facilities and sites,” said Bravenboer.

Yotta is already involved in two proof of concept projects based on IoT capabilities in Australasia: the city of Ryde Green Bus Shelter project in Sydney; and a highways management and maintenance project for Auckland System Management in New Zealand. Yotta expects the agreement with Blue IoT will enable the development of other opportunities into proof of concepts and long-term commercial opportunities in the IoT space.

“We are delighted to be working with Yotta, with who we share a strong focus on introducing technology initiatives to benefit customers and reduce carbon footprints,” said Bob Sharon, founder and chief innovation officer at Blue IoT. “Working with Yotta allows us to add asset management to our portfolio and expand our capability from inside buildings, to helping to deliver efficiencies in waste management and environmental services outdoors. We can also add value to the proposition by bringing in innovative service provider partners, in and around the asset management both indoors and outdoors.”

Blue IoT develops and delivers smart buildings and cities’ automation, energy and environmental management platforms and integration. Through Encompass Blue, the company makes reductions in risk, carbon footprint, energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving safety, occupational health and safety, cyber security, health and wellness, human comfort and productivity. Its technologies, platforms, controllers and sensors combine with data analytics and interpretation, and machine learning, delivering visibility and control from any device anywhere.

“We are confident that this partnership will enable us to expand our market share not just in Australia, but across the world,” said Sharon. “I’m convinced that by pooling our resources and developing what we have together, we can leverage more business. The two businesses complement each other well. We look forward to working with Yotta to develop and explore new IoT focused opportunities over the coming months and years.”

Yotta is a UK-based asset management software and services provider. It empowers organisations to make more informed decisions by ensuring its customers’ systems, assets and people are connected, and the data they produce are structured and captured to provide operational as well as strategic insight.