Ayyeka AI improves smart city reliability

  • March 14, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Israeli company Ayyeka is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the data quality and reliability of IoT for critical infrastructure in smart cities.

Ayyeka says its technology can transform smart cities from a futuristic promise to an everyday reality. It said the promise of smart cities that leverage IoT technologies for digitalisation of critical infrastructure had been slow to materialise. Data quality and reliability are among the top impediments to smart cities and IoT deployments at large.

This is why it has introduced what it calls the AI Data Curator.

There are many moving parts to IoT projects, ranging from sensors through edge devices to cloud platforms, making it easy for things to go wrong. In large-scale IoT projects, it is not uncommon to have data quality and reliability issues that render the data useless. Whether it is gaps in the data, unstable readings, or the sensor is just stuck at a certain value, the user now has only two options: either clean the data or give up.

Detecting, fixing, and overcoming those issues is a labour-intensive process. On large-scale IoT deployments, this is just not feasible and often delays or even fails the entire project.

Ayyeka has automated this process by harnessing the power of AI, delivering more reliable data, and saving time and manual labour. At the click of a button, AI Data Curator will detect, report, and automatically fix IoT sensor data for better decision outcomes and regulatory compliance.

In industries where decisions are anchored with data, those data must be solid.

Yair Poleg, chief technology officer of Ayyeka, said: “Data quality is often overlooked in the proof-of-concept (PoC) phase of IoT deployments, but it becomes a huge problem when scaling up from the PoC phase to full-size deployments. The AI Data Curator alleviates this pain point.”

Ayyeka provides end-to-end technology with the hardware, software and artificial intelligence to create resilience in any type of infrastructure. The plug-and-play offering is compatible with any sensor to deliver all essential data for each asset. It provides decision-makers with the visibility and situational awareness to convert data into insights and action.