Arrive and HEI aim for Smart Anywhere

  • May 31, 2023
  • William Payne
Arrive smart mailbox

Mailbox-as-a-Service platform Arrive and integrated infrastructure specialist HEI are partnering to transform smart city technologies into Smart Anywhere solutions, able to adapt to differing urban and rural mix environments anywhere in the world.

The partnership aims to extend instructure technologies to allow dynamic and flexible options to meet the evolving needs communities worldwide. The two companies envisage connected infrastructures that enable self-reliance and self-contained technologies. 

The collaboration combines Arrive’s smart MaaS solutions with HEI Integrated Systems’ solutions and expertise in versatile and integrated infrastructure technology. By leveraging each company’s respective strengths, the partnership seeks to drive innovation and shape the future of resilient and sustainable smart city technologies.

“This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in revolutionising infrastructure solutions,” said Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “Together, Arrive and HEI Integrated Systems will create innovative options that address challenges, particularly in rural and remote areas, while enhancing disaster response and preparedness efforts. Our shared vision is to provide more decentralised, self-reliant solutions that empower businesses and communities to thrive anywhere in the world and in any situation.”

“The innovative design and market leadership position Arrive has established is simply remarkable, and we are pleased to partner with such a market leader,” said Mike Saltzgiver, President, HEI Integrated Systems. “The combination of Arrive’s smart MaaS solutions and our Portable Power Platform is a winning combination that provides a unique and valuable capability for governmental and industrial/commercial applications. Our team looks forward to working with Arrive to provide our customers with continually innovative and successful solutions.” 

O’Toole added, “We’re both fully committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of resilient and sustainable smart city technologies. Co-exhibiting allows us to highlight the transformative potential and industry impact of our partnership, while underscoring the importance of our collaboration. By showcasing our combined technologies and solutions, we’re demonstrating future infrastructures needed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and communities worldwide.”

“As a source of self-sustaining off-grid power, the Portable Power Platform will enable the application of Arrive’s technology in many new and exciting ways,” said Mark Yenchik, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales, HEI Integrated Systems. “As the core of an integrated system, Arrive and the Portable Power Platform open up a wide range of new possibilities with both tactical and strategic benefits to our users.”