Amarillo adopts Ecolution mobile energy grid

  • June 20, 2022
  • William Payne

Green tech company Ecolution Power has created a mobile grid for the City of Amarillo, Texas. Kinetic energy captured from trains and trailers will power electric vehicles throughout the city’s fleet. The aim is to reduce the cost of energy for the City as energy costs across the State of Texas rise.

The City of Amarillo is a major transit focal point for rail as well as highway cargo. The City also has the aim to becoming a centre for alternative power generation. The city has been working with Melissa Ashurst, the owner of Impact Broadband, on smart city initiatives. During this effort Melissa connected Ecolution with the city in hopes of helping with ongoing energy efforts.

Amarillo is looking to explore multiple use cases that could significantly reduce the cost of fuel and move the city to clean energy by using Ecolution’s kinetic energy technology. Amarillo’s goal is to generate power to serve the citizens of the city every day.

“The city is constantly exploring opportunities to use new technology that can enable us to offer new services or enhance efficiency,” said City of Amarillo Chief Information Officer Rich Gagnon. “As the world moves toward electric vehicles, the city is developing a strategy ahead of the change. It is important that we do the work now to be as efficient as possible with city resources.”

“We set out to help communities all around the world. Our team is thrilled to bring our technology to the great city of Amarillo and provide their community with efficient and clean energy,” said Ecolution Power Company’s Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Craig Bouchard.