AEye and GridMatrix city road datasets

  • September 26, 2022
  • William Payne

AEye and GridMatrix have created a data collection and visualisation tool for real-time smart city transport management. The new tool set is designed to provide for improved intersection management and incident detection, helping cities reduce road accidents, traffic congestion, and vehicle emissions in real time.

AEye is a specialist in adaptive lidar systems. GridMatrix has developed an IoT data cloud platform for traffic analytics, combining edge sensor data with cloud-based sources. The two companies are collaborating to provide accurate data needed by transportation departments to enable real-time smart city decision-making and historical analysis.

By integrating AEye’s adaptive lidar into the GridMatrix platform, traffic agencies can visualise highly accurate data, including detection and counting with greater precision, as well as better information on position, speed, and heading, for both real-time and historical analysis.

AEye’s 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform reduces data bottlenecks in smart cities by recognising the most crucial information to capture in a given scene, such as a pedestrian entering an intersection, a vehicle passing by a toll booth, or a vehicle merging into a lane at highway speeds. The platform delivers highly accurate detection, perception, and classification of both long- and short-range objects, with the ability to target objects 10-20 times more precisely than camera-only systems, and can detect pedestrians at over 300 meters. This sensor data feeds into GridMatrix’s Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) dashboard, providing transportation agencies with the deep analytics needed to steer billions of dollars in infrastructure investment decisions.

“This partnership aligns two companies that understand the value of timely data analysis and the sensitivities around network data constraints in the new era of digital infrastructure,” said Brent Blanchard, AEye’s GM of Industrial Markets. “By leveraging the ability of AEye’s sensor to distil data capture, and to send the real-time data that matters most, with extreme accuracy, for analysis and application-specific decision-making, AEye and GridMatrix enable better decisions faster, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of ITS and Smart City processes.”

“This AEye integration provides traffic agencies with next-level visibility into what’s working, and not working, so they can fine tune their traffic infrastructure,” said Nicholas D’Andre, CEO of GridMatrix. “With this first-of-its-kind data precision, traffic officials can make better decisions: they might change the traffic flow or implement lidar to reduce congestion and idling, and to provide more efficient detection of vehicles to improve intersection management. Together, we are helping cities become safer, greener, and more efficient places to live and work.”