Adda Tech AI to prevent urban crimes

  • May 13, 2024
  • William Payne

Adda Tech, a technology firm specialising in integration of AI, video analytics, and big data, has unveiled a tool to enable US government agencies to predict and pre-empt potential crimes in real-time.

According to Adda, the tool predicts and alerts authorities to potential crimes, employing accurate data to support decision-making regarding the deployment of police units, resource allocation, and targeted area protection based on identified criminal activity.

The solution provides real-time alerts through body-language analysis and can identify individuals carrying weapons, displaying suspicious behaviour, or even exhibiting signs of distress. The tool can also assist law enforcement with identifying missing or wanted vehicles through License Plate Recognition Technology.

Where legally permissible, it can conduct facial recognition of individuals listed on watch lists. This capability supports agencies amidst escalating gun violence, with 655 mass shootings documented in the US in 2023 by the Gun Violence Archive.

Adda Tech is introducing this tool to urban centres and also offers support across industries including retail, transportation, security, and banking.

Gastón Addati, CEO of Adda Tech, said “Our tool empowers authorities to access comprehensive data and make informed decisions. This capability enables us to enhance law enforcement effectiveness by decreasing response times, which will ultimately enhance community safety.”

Addati, recognised for his exceptional contributions to technological innovation, has been granted the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) visa by the United States. This programme enables professionals of exceptional ability to seek exemption from the US Immigration labour certification requirements.

The capacity to make strategic decisions driven by accurate data signifies a pivotal transformation in how public safety is addressed in the United States. With this capability, authorities can proactively anticipate criminal activity, allowing for a more targeted and efficient deployment of law enforcement resources to areas where they are most needed.