Vodafone launches smart home bundles in Spain

  • October 19, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Vodafone is trying to make Spanish homes smart with a bundled package that includes IoT connectivity and security.

The One Home Unlimited packages include mobile and fixed connectivity, cinema and TV series, and IoT services that will transform houses into smart homes, allowing householders to feel connected, safe and calm, all for a fixed monthly price.

The offer allows access to the connections inside and outside the home, thanks to multi-line packages with unlimited data at maximum 5G speed and with fibre or fixed broadband at 600Mbit/s or 1Gbit/s that allows more than 25 devices to be connected simultaneously.

They also include Super Wifi, a service that provides full wifi coverage in the home. Users can connect from any corner of their home, surf without interruptions and not worry about the number of connected devices, since the service uses smart extenders that connect to a cloud platform to optimise the wifi signal continuously. In addition, round-the-clock support monitors the correct operation of the entire setup.

The OneNumber service lets customers use the same number and their voice and data service on other devices, such as tablets, smart watches or second phones without having to change SIM. OneNumber compatibility will be expanded soon with new devices.

Vodafone One Hogar Ilimitable includes a complete and differential television offer that focuses on cinema and TV and is complemented with more content to satisfy all the audio-visual needs of the home. This offer includes more than 100 channels .

The packages are complemented by services such as Secure Net and IoT products such as V-Home Mini and CarConnect, which will provide houses with connectivity and security, turning them into smart homes.

Secure Net is a service that allows users to surf without risks when connected to the mobile network and to the Vodafone fixed access network. Secure Net Family also allows users to manage time and internet access through parental control functionalities so family protection policies can be applied in a simple and unified way on all household devices.

V-Home Mini is a home monitoring service that allows users to see live and from their mobile what happens at home when they are not there. It includes two devices: a hub that, connected to the router, is responsible for linking and establishing action rules on all the smart devices in the house; and a Full HD camera with night vision.

In addition, V-Home Mini provides access to control devices such as lights, sensors and thermostats with predefined rules, and with voice control through smart speakers

CarConnect is a service that provides wifi with internet access to everyone in the vehicle. The car can be located at all times from a mobile, which also shows details of trips made and lets users obtain online information about the car status or receive notifications in case maintenance is necessary. In addition, it offers the user exclusive personalised offers in petrol stations, workshops and restaurants.