UL sets up smart-building qualification programme

  • December 13, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has set up the Spire qualification programme to empower third-party building professionals to broaden their skill set and business by learning to conduct a smart-building assessment.

Driven by increasing demand for smart-building assessment and verification, the programme and training aim to help consulting and design firms provide ways to address relevant and impactful gaps. Experienced firms in the building industry, including design consultants, architects and technology providers, are suitable candidates to earn Spire qualified assessor status.

Introba, the combined organisation and new brand name of Ross & Baruzzini and Integral Group, was the first firm to become a Spire qualified company. As a design services firm delivering integrated technology, consulting and engineering for safer, more sustainable and resilient facilities, smart buildings are a core element of its strategy. By having Spire qualified assessors available, the combined firm is positioning itself to offer technology, consulting and green engineering that will help solve problems for increasingly complex smart buildings.

“Our clients rely on us to solve complex problems and bring their vision to life,” said Bill Overturf, president of Introba. “As one of the first companies to take advantage of the Spire qualification programme, we deepened our knowledge by training directly with UL Solutions. We can now offer our clients further value and expanded assessment capabilities. Smart buildings have the potential to transform our communities and the industry, and Introba is well-positioned with expertise in consulting, technology, sustainability and engineering to support our clients. The Spire programme stood out to us because of the programme’s holistic approach to assessing smart-building cyber security, connectivity, health and sustainability.”

The qualification programme is part of the Spire Smart Buildings programme, an objective assessment and rating programme for smart buildings created in a partnership between UL and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). The smart building assessment is an evaluation for smart buildings that results in an overall UL Verified Spire Smart Buildings rating as well as a road map for recommended performance improvements.

“The Spire qualification programme is a mutually beneficial effort to expand timely access to smart-building assessment services,” said Sudhi Sinha, vice president at UL. “By supporting experienced professionals through training and empowering them to offer new assessment capabilities, we are better positioned to support the growth and evolution of the smart building industry.”

Spire qualified assessors may perform a smart-building assessment and provide evidence of the corresponding building rating to UL. Based on an independent review of the evidence, UL may issue a UL Verified Mark and Spire Smart Building rating, if appropriate. To be considered for qualified assessor status, candidates must meet all qualification requirements and complete training with UL.