Tuya and SCG transform Thailand real estate

  • August 21, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese IoT provider Tuya has announced a partnership with Siam Cement Group to accelerate the smart transformation of the real-estate industry in Thailand.

Siam Cement Group (SCG) is the largest cement and construction materials producer in south-east Asia. The partnership was announced at last week’s Techsauce Global Summit in Bangkok.

As the first collaboration in Thailand that leverages Tuya’s Cube in the smart home field, SCG plans to create a house IoT management system and privatised IoT platform to manage devices offered under the SCG smart home brand. The two companies will also explore smart business opportunities, such as growing SCG’s smart product line, enhancing its IoT services with integrated hardware and software, and advocating for the smart transformation of Thailand’s real-estate sector.

The two parties intend to work more closely in the future to advance the adoption of IoT, AI and other technologies in the fields of smart lighting, smart community and smart city.

SCG has contributed to the advancement of the nation’s infrastructure initiatives for more than a century, operating over 300 subsidiaries. It has divided its core businesses into three segments: cement-building materials; chemicals; and packaging. Its operations span many south-east Asian countries and regions, including Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar.

SCG’s business encompasses more than 90% of the Thai real-estate industry, and it has established long-term connections with several south-east Asian real-estate developers. The company discovered that technologies such as IoT could add more value to traditional industries, so it launched a real-estate integrator and real-estate branding business to assist the transformation and upgrade of Thailand’s real-estate industry through its own branded smart products, systems and services.

SCG decided to partner with Tuya to strengthen the sector with technologies and jointly develop a landscape of smart real estate in Thailand using SCG’s channel resources and local market expertise, as well as Tuya’s core technology and global deployment strength.

Tuya will support SCG’s real-estate integrator and brand business, covering a privatised IoT platform, hardware ecosystem and software development. In particular, Tuya will construct a privately-owned IoT platform for SCG based on the Cube with exclusive functionalities, high stability and data independence. Cube is composed of five modules – IaaS, cloud native PaaS, IoT core, IoT capability expansion, and application development and integration platforms.

With the ability to choose from more than 40 functional components packaged in the five modules, SCG should be able to deploy its private platform quickly and affordably, enabling it to offer its own platform functionality.

Meanwhile, Tuya will open up more business potential for SCG based on its Cube, including assisting SCG in enhancing its smart home brand, developing a smart home management system, and offering intelligent transformation support to fulfil the demands of various real-estate firms. SCG should realise value-added functions, such as device connectivity and management, user management, information collection and analysis, and complete the development of applications to meet the IoT application needs of its own and its customers in the real-estate industry and to provide differentiated functional support for businesses and scenarios.

For instance, SCG will be able to deliver product analysis for smart household products of its own brand. It will also offer device management to improve efficiency for property management in industrial parks, commercial buildings, communities and other real-estate projects, based on SCG’s privatised IoT platform.

After completing the private IoT platform, Tuya will collaborate with SCG on hardware and software to explore the development of smart real-estate businesses.

Regarding hardware, SCG’s edge gateway will be incorporated into Tuya’s IoT ecosystem, increasing the number of interoperable products offered by SCG and expanding the range of goods available under its smart home brand. Tuya will work with SCG to develop more intelligent interaction scenarios for the real-estate industry and develop a flexible and scalable business management model, drawing on the nearly 2700 product categories enabled by Tuya and SCG’s understanding of the pain points of real-estate industrial transformation.

So real-estate companies can achieve energy savings and cost reductions, Tuya will work with SCG in developing a smart building energy management system including Zigbee sensors, smart thermostats, meters and edge gateways.

In terms of software, SCG’s own Smart Living app will be seamlessly connected to Tuya’s app through the SDK in Tuya’s PaaS2.0, ensuring the management and control of SCG’s brand as well as realising connectivity, management and control of Tuya-enabled devices.

As both parties are closely watching clean energy, they will jointly expand zero-carbon offerings in the field of commercial real estate, energy management for households, smart cities and other proactive applications, to open up the real-estate industry in the direction of green, intelligence and sustainability, to enhance the brand value of social responsibility and ESG, and to work with customers to develop collaboration patterns.

“As IoT, AI, and other technologies break through, enterprises in each ecosystem have to speed up the pace of smart transformation to adapt to new technological upgrades and applications,” said Apirut Vancha-am, chief digital officer of SCG. “Tuya has committed to supporting industrial upgrade with cutting-edge technologies, while remaining open and neutral. Its IoT technical prowess and experience in the global market will be critical to our collaboration in developing a one-stop that satisfies SCG’s development ambitions while also fitting the local development environment. We will continue to focus on innovation and sustainable development in the future, and will work closely with Tuya to explore further business prospects in the fields of smart lighting, smart community and smart city and to work together to enable customers to thrive.”

Ross Luo, general manager at Tuya Smart, added: “The collaboration between Tuya and SCG will provide a new development momentum to Thailand’s real-estate industry. With SCG’s channel resources and Tuya’s technological and ecosystem advantages, we will combine our efforts to develop smart real-estate benchmark customers, jointly construct a green and highly efficient IoT ecosystem, and expand the impact of industrial smart upgrading. Tuya will continue to collaborate with SCG in the future to broaden its innovative business coverage with distinct products and services, bring energy-saving and efficient IoT to traditional and emerging industry customers, and meet customers’ needs for autonomous control and differentiated transformation while promoting the prosperous development of the local IoT ecosystem.”