Trimble automates construction projects

  • June 7, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Trimble is collaborating with Spanish wireless connectivity firm Worldsensing to provide a complete, turn-key automated monitoring system for infrastructure and construction projects.

Trimble has added a geotechnical portfolio to its geospatial automated monitoring range through the collaboration with Worldsensing, a wireless connectivity technology provider and a manufacturer of geotechnical IoT monitoring systems.

The collaboration enables survey, geotechnical and structural engineers to expand their monitoring business opportunities seamlessly with an offering that incorporates geotechnical and geospatial data.

Data from various geotechnical and geospatial sensors – from tiltmeters, piezometers and crack gauges to GNSS receivers and total stations – combined with wireless communication and software create monitoring products that provide movement analysis to monitor transportation infrastructure, buildings, structures, dams, mines, landslides and natural hazards.

The Trimble-branded geotechnical product line, powered by Worldsensing, provides fully automated wireless monitoring that helps reduce field visits and increases safety by reducing the need to obtain manual readouts. The automated measurements generate real-time notifications and reporting through the Trimble4D Control (T4D) Geotechnical Edition software, which lets users streamline monitoring system deployment as well as simplify the connection to geotechnical sensors.

The portfolio includes:

  • Wireless geotechnical sensors: Tiltmeter and laser-tilt sensors, providing tilt and distance measurement readings directly to the gateway
  • Wireless data loggers: Vibrating wire, and digital and analogue data loggers, supporting connections with geotechnical digital and analogue sensors communicating information to the gateway
  • Gateway: Rugged LoRA radio and 4G gateway, enabling communication with the wireless geotechnical sensors and data loggers to connect the project site with the office through a cellular or local network
  • Configuration software: A mobile application for data logger configuration and a web user interface for network and device management connected to the office via T4D software
  • Accessories: Installation accessories for various mounting and configuration environments

“Our monitoring customers work with geotechnical sensors to automate movement detection for critical infrastructure and mining projects on a daily basis,” said Boris Skopljak, marketing director at Trimble. “Through our collaboration with Worldsensing, we are making it easier for them to access the full range of geospatial and geotechnical solutions from a single source, resulting in faster and easier deployment and the opportunity to address a wider range of projects.”

By expanding Trimble’s geospatial portfolio to include geotechnical IoT, monitoring professionals can have access to both product lines from a single provider. This provides the flexibility to choose the optimal system to monitor construction projects, mine, dam sites and other critical assets with the T4D software.

“Thanks to this collaboration, service providers can work with a powerful combination of geospatial and geotechnical IoT-based monitoring technologies,” said Matthieu Laville, director of sales at Worldsensing. “They can now merge geospatial and geotechnical tools to easily collect and access sensitive and reliable data to automate their operational tasks, reduce technical complexity and diminish risks across mining, construction and rail projects.”

The offering is expected to be available through Trimble’s global geospatial distribution channel in July 2021 via dedicated monitoring professionals, providing local sales, installation, training and technical support.

Founded in 2008, Worldsensing works with over 270 engineering partners in more than 60 countries to provide safety through critical infrastructure monitoring in mining, construction, rail and structural health. It has offices in Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and Singapore and investors include Cisco Systems, Mitsui, McRock Capital and ETF Partners.