Sensibo adds ChatGPT to smart HVAC range

  • January 29, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based climate tech IoT company Sensibo has added an AI assistant powered by ChatGPT to its smart heating and cooling products.

The AI assistant understands complex requests from the users and reacts to their intentions. Instead of the simple commands that were introduced with traditional voice assistants such as Alexa, the AI assistant engages with the user and reacts.

For example, the simple command “I’m cold” will result in the AI assistant turning on heating. More complex conversations can set schedules based on the weather and energy considerations. This functionality empowers Sensibo users to conserve energy and integrate ChatGPT’s capabilities into their everyday heating and cooling routines to enhance the user experience.

The AI assistant is powered by a large language model (LLM). This allows users to issue commands to the Sensibo cloud, enabling it to control HVAC devices within their premises. The integration of LLM into the AI assistant means it can understand and process user requests and take direct actions with connected HVAC systems, offering a more interactive and efficient way to manage climate environments.

In 2023, ChatGPT was initially integrated into Sensibo, offering suggested recommendations derived from user behaviour patterns. This included an automated AC schedule based on custom user behaviour and personalised climate react recommendations. Sensibo is now introducing an enhanced AI assistant with capabilities based on the ChatGPT LLM.

Sensibo helps users manage their heating and cooling devices through the integration of AI, data analysis and sensors. Traditional heating and cooling devices are inefficient, consuming a large amount of energy. Heating and cooling devices account for 25% of global energy consumption and are major contributors to CO2 emissions.

Through the implementation of the AI assistant, Sensibo’s technology has the potential to achieve energy savings exceeding 40%, thereby optimising AC performance and reducing overall energy bills.

“As the AI revolution deepens, we at Sensibo researched more ways to incorporate this technology to advance our smart climate systems,” said Omer Enbar, COO of Sensibo ( “The integration of an AI assistant into Sensibo, powered by ChatGPT, will make our smart controllers even smarter; now activated by voice and able to understand complex commands. The 250,000 Sensibo users around the world will secure maximum energy efficiency with these advanced technologies, directly impacting our climate.”