SAJ launches smart home energy storage AI

  • December 6, 2023
  • William Payne

Chinese smart home energy developer SAJ has launched a smart home energy storage solution designed to reduce users energy costs. The SAJ’s HS2 Series is a residential energy storage solution that employs AI to optimise residential energy consumption. The company says the HS2 Series can reduce electricity costs by up to 20%.

The HS2 series incorporates AI algorithms that provide power generation prediction, power consumption prediction and intelligent scheduling. These algorithms enable over 80% accuracy in power generation prediction.

The intelligent planning model takes into account peak demand times, electricity tariffs and available solar energy and determines the most efficient times to consume or store energy. By analysing historical user behaviour and creating short, medium and long-term forecasts, the system automatically controls the charging and discharging of batteries, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills.

The HS2 series features a design with 150% PV side oversizing and 110% AC oversizing, supporting fast battery charging and discharging. The battery capacity can be expanded up to 25.0 kWh, which offers greater flexibility for energy management. It has a maximum string current of 16A, allowing it to compete with the high-performance PV modules on the market. It also supports AFCI and UPS functions, ensuring safer, smarter and more reliable energy storage for end users.