RouteThis checks wifi for running smart home

  • February 27, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Canadian company RouteThis has introduced a dashboard so internet service providers (ISPs) can check the quality of a wifi set-up when it is installed.

RouteThis provides in-home wifi troubleshooting and connectivity for ISPs and smart home brands. It has introduced a quality of install (QoI) dashboard for home wifi measurement.

QoI is composed of five key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow ISPs to track, measure and validate home wifi installation success quantitatively, ensuring a consistently high quality of experience (QoE) inside the home from day one.

The typical US home has 21 connected devices, and householders expect all to work flawlessly in every room. As ISPs ramp up gigabit speeds, most users no longer notice the difference. Instead, overall QoE drives satisfaction, and a poor experience can lead to costly support calls, repeat truck rolls and churn. In fact, at least 15 per cent of service provider churn occurs within 90 days of installation.

QoI lets ISPs measure and evaluate the most important KPIs contributing to a better wifi experience, which begins with a flawless installation. These metrics ensure actual wifi speeds match plan speeds, performance testing is conducted in all areas of the home, and there are no coverage issues left behind when the technician leaves.

With QoI ( and an intelligent, streamlined workflow, the CPE-agnostic RouteThis Certify platform guides field technicians through optimal device placement, verifies wifi QoE, and certifies delivery of expected speeds and services for an optimised home wifi network.

“Being first with the fastest speed is no longer enough for competitive advantage in today’s broadband market,” said Jason Moore, CEO of RouteThis. “The pivotal factor that makes or breaks an ISP’s business is QoE, which historically has been a nebulous and subjective metric. The RouteThis Certify QoI dashboard empowers broadband ISPs to uniformly and quantitatively optimise and validate all of their home wifi network installations, delivering flawless connectivity on every device, in every room, from day one.”

Barry Bishop, senior vice president of Kinetic, added: “As a provider of premium broadband services across the USA, Kinetic strives to deliver an exceptional QoE to all our customers. The RouteThis Certify platform with QoI equips our team with the data they need to optimise connectivity speed and reliability, ensuring the best possible network installation to improve customer satisfaction, decrease churn and reduce repeat truck-rolls.”

Based in Ontario, Canada, RouteThis ( offers CPE-agnostic software and remote service platforms used by telcos, service providers and technology companies across the globe.