Moen goes with the Flo for smart water

  • July 20, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Ohio tap maker Moen has taken a majority stake in California-based Flo Technologies, a smart water management and leak detection company.
The ownership stake is an evolution of the two companies’ work together. They’ve already partnered to develop the Flo by Moen smart water security system, which provides homeowners with a smartphone-controlled security system that protects against leaks and water damage incidents, the leading cause of preventable homeowner insurance claims each year.
Done in several phases, the deal accelerates Moen’s ability to provide water management services to consumers.
“The Flo by Moen system gives homeowners the power to understand and manage their water like never before, identifying drips and leaks sometimes as small as a drip a minute,” said Mark-Hans Richer, chief marketing and innovation officer at Moen. “Once you’ve experienced this unprecedented level of control over your water, the way you think about and experience water in your home is never the same.”
Flo Technologies CEO Gabriel Halimi sees the potential in the partnership as an opportunity for both companies and the next step in providing consumers with market-leading water security and management technology, delivering on the quality and innovation users have come to expect from Moen and Flo.
“Moen is the leader in water delivery in the home. We are the leader in water management in the home,” said Halimi. “Bringing the two together enables us to change the entire industry, combining Moen’s more than 80 years of expertise with our technology to provide whole-home water management that can help homeowners save money and avoid what is often the costliest and most life-disrupting disaster you can experience in your home.”
Moen’s portfolio of smart home offerings also includes the U by Moen smart shower and smart faucet, both of which allow consumers to personalise their experience with water.
“Smart technology is the future when it comes to how people experience water in their homes, and we’ve invested heavily in innovation in this space to create products that enhance every element of that experience, from the water that flows through showerheads and faucets, to making sure no drop of water flowing through your pipes is wasted,” said Richer. “Simply put, no one else is tackling whole-home smart water management like we are.”
Combined with Moen’s other connected products and innovations, Flo by Moen also supports the achievement of Moen’s sustainability goal – known as Mission Moen – which is a commitment to save one trillion gallons of water by 2030.
“According to the EPA, leaks in the home add up to nearly one trillion gallons of water wasted every year,” said Richer. “Through the Flo by Moen system, we’re providing consumers with a product that offers substantial reductions in this useless waste and minimises expense.”
A recent study with Lexis Nexis showed that one year following installation of the Flo by Moen smart water shutoff, homes saw a 96 per cent decrease in paid water leak claims compared with two years prior to installation, while control group home claims increased ten per cent in the same period.
“When you make water smart, smarter outcomes start happening,” said Halimi. “Our AI and Moen’s scale and development will change the way people all over the world experience water.”