Mobilogix launches Global Construction Asset Gateway

  • November 9, 2021
  • William Payne

Cellular IoT specialist Mobilogix has launched the DEWALT DCE081 Construction Asset Gateway to automate construction inventory working with DEWALT TOOL CONNECT Site Manager.

The DCE081 is a battery-operated global tracking device utilising low power LTE CAT-M1/ NB-IoT technology with embedded Bluetooth. Visibility is provided indoors and outside via full GNSS or WiFi LaaS services for real time automated tool inventory audits on demand. Global operation means customers can complete tool audits automatically wherever their tools are located on jobsites.

The DCE081 integrates with DEWALT’S TOOL CONNECT Site Manager asset management platform providing a customisable audit schedule based on jobsite inventory needs.

“With the release of the DEWALT DCE081, the challenges of manual tool audits are a thing of the past,” said Charlie Williams, EVP – Sales and Marketing with Mobilogix. “DEWALT’s industrial and commercial customers are now enabled with the DCE081 to have Total Jobsite Visibility with automated auditing of their tools and equipment, helping them to finish their jobs on time and on budget,” said Matt Velderman, Director of Product Marketing.