Minew starter kit transforms workplaces into smart offices

  • August 22, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese wireless technology firm Minew has introduced an IoT starter kit for transforming workplaces in to smart offices.

Called MOS, the Bluetooth LE gadget bundle kit includes asset management, personnel management and an environmental comfort monitor.

Using a gateway and Minew’s cloud platform, the kit provides the speed needed to manage a large number of Bluetooth LE devices.

Minew developed the rechargeable MG4 gateway, a wifi gateway that can be used to monitor and gather data from Bluetooth LE devices. It has a removable battery and is cordless-compatible. When the network is down, it stores data on board and delivers data in JSon format through wifi. To optimise operations, increase productivity and cut costs, MG4 may help manage staff and assets.

The gateway has a power cable connection and a rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours of runtime to guarantee reliable data transfer. This capability allows MG4 to endure most power outages. The gathered signals are packaged into JSon packets and sent via wifi to the server. On the cloud platform, users may locate Bluetooth devices and remotely control individuals, locations, objects and surroundings.

Due to its portable nature, anywhere Bluetooth LE signals need to be gathered in an office complex, MG4 may be installed in large numbers. Building IoT networking using MG4 may result in cheaper deployment costs, more efficiency, increased flexibility during installation, and preserved tracking precision due to its compact size.

The gateway can upload and collect data at the same time. To respond quickly to changing circumstances, scan and upload intervals can be selected. Users can avoid duplications and restrict data flow by employing various data filtering options, enabling them to receive only the data they require.

A broad selection of Bluetooth devices is compatible with MG4. OTA is supported for updating the firmware. When the network is down, data can be stored in the MG4 gateway’s internal memory. Data loss due to network issues is prevented by the gateway’s ability to rejoin the network even when it is offline and store up to 1080 records of data. This allows MG4 to endure most network interruptions.

To improve management of data flow and more precise data receipt for various circumstances, the user may configure data filtration, scanning intervals and uploading intervals. The MG4 can work with various Bluetooth devices, and users may configure data upload to the cloud or local servers using the MQTT or HTTP protocols.

MQTT also has an optional SSL or TCP security protocol. The privacy and security of data may be guaranteed with autonomous control over data flow. With the use of the many filtrations that MG4 provides, such as those by mac address, mac address regular expression, raw data, BLE name and RSSI value, a user can pick and choose which beacons they wish to view.

The gateway gathers data from beacons and sensors in the office. It may be used with sensors to trace shifts and dynamically change the workplace environment. For instance, air conditioners may be adjusted appropriately round-the-clock to increase environmental comfort and conserve energy when used with temperature and humidity sensors. The MG4 may be used with door magnetic sensors and infra-red sensors to provide area access control and room occupancy monitoring, increasing office productivity.

It can also provide visitor management and employee check-in and out using personnel locating beacons. Asset tags can also be used with it for asset management. It can monitor the surroundings with temperature and humidity sensors, making adjustments as necessary.

The MSP01 passive infra-red sensor was created for indoor body movement detection. The device supports Bluetooth LE and converts the PIR signal from a person’s or a pet’s body that has been detected by an internal pyroelectric infra-red sensor into a voltage signal for warnings. Through their smartphones, users may detect interior conditions at any time, or they can remotely review the data the gateway has received. Additionally, the MSP01’s adjustable bracket allows for flexible adjustment of the detecting angles.

Users can mount it indoors for asset monitoring since it has a PIR sensor inside and a relative algorithm capability. The cloud or users’ mobile devices, for instance, can instantly receive the body infra-red signal from the PIR sensor during the monitoring time when someone enters the hall illegally to steal assets. This can be done, for example, by installing it in the hallway or business compartment for tracking important tasks.

Users can manage the space effectively by installing the sensor to measure space consumption in a conference room or workplace. PIR data can achieve numerous scene linkage, including room temperature control and smart lighting, by collaborating with built-in temperature and humidity sensors, phototransistors, and relative algorithm capability. This helps with energy-saving and management cost reduction.

Minew created the S1 digital Bluetooth LE temperature and humidity sensor to provide accurate environmental monitoring. S1 can track the ambient temperature for a full day to improve employee comfort. S1 is capable of real-time detection and has a wide detecting temperature range.

To reduce fluctuation and efficiently extend S1’s service life in harsh settings, it incorporates an integrated probe.

The sensor can measure the humidity and temperature of the surrounding air and send that information to the gateway. Data can be captured and locally saved. Alarms for temperature and humidity can have threshold values specified. It can be used in patient rooms for ambient temperature monitoring to ensure the temperature remains stable or suitable for workers in various rooms while it eliminates the need to check the temperature in each room and instead allows for monitoring on a computer or phone with data fed from the server.

The C10 card beacon is designed for staff and visitors. Once the closest gateway detects the Bluetooth broadcast signals from C10 and its NFC is used for area access control, visitor register, or staff check-in and out, the wearers’ locations may be ascertained. Management can be notified if a guest reaches a restricted area without following the required protocols thanks to the implementation of a virtual barrier. Additionally, it contains a panic button that, when pressed, will send out an alarm if a visitor or employee needs help.

The MBT01 Bluetooth location tag is for asset tracking and has a removal admonition switch. If the asset tag is forcefully removed without being authorised, it will broadcast a specific signal to the server to ensure the item’s safety, and the administrator will be informed that the asset tag has been deleted. The system will also notify the administrator that the asset is no longer in the place of its original location if the asset has been transferred outside the gateway’s coverage area.

Beacons can guide employees and visitors to their destinations while updating locations and temperatures of different areas. The gateway is adaptable and may be installed anywhere because it can run independently for up to 12 hours on its built-in battery without any power sources. By building and integrating a network around the kit using ingresses from local servers or cloud platforms, the administrator can identify visitors, keep an eye on business assets or see employee statuses.

The use of the firm’s IoT TagCloud platform is free. Because of its aesthetically pleasing graphical user interface, TagCloud is suitable for testing and showcasing. Data monitoring and device control in batches are also options.

With the aid of this kit, a building or an entire corporate complex may be observed and regulated remotely. The system can see any changes in temperature or the entry of new assets. If one gateway is mistakenly disconnected or out of service, the other gateways will take over.

The MG4 gateway can gather and analyse up to 75 packets per second even in a congested environment. The kit comes with low-key designs that fit with any office setting, including compact form factor tags and portable personal beacons.