LiftMaster smart intercoms target multifamily properties

  • December 18, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Illinois-based LiftMaster has expanded its line of smart video intercoms to make access for large communities and multifamily properties more reliable and convenient.

Powered by MyQ, Smart Video Intercom L provides reliable and complete access so property managers and residents can manage and monitor guest access remotely while enhancing the security of the property with video-enabled access controls.

“LiftMaster has been on a journey of innovation the past three years, introducing a scalable line of smart video access systems that meet the unique needs of gated communities and multifamily properties of any size,” said Jenny Lytle, general manager at LiftMaster. “With our latest smart video intercom, we are able to provide large, gated communities and multifamily properties with the complete access and convenience they expect while maintaining security and offering the modern aesthetic residents desire.”

The intercom has an updated, modern design, and increased processing power that gives property managers the capability to control more than eight access points. Access points can be monitored from one dashboard via the MyQ Community cloud-based platform, eliminating the hassle of having to wire and manage individual devices.

The smart devices with high-definition colour touch displays feature wide-angle camera views. This smart amenity empowers property managers and residents to open doors and gates, and to manage guest access remotely while enhancing the security of the building with video features.

Through the MyQ Community web portal, property managers have access to round-the-clock monitoring capabilities and real-time activity alerts so they can manage and control entrances across several buildings within a portfolio from a single dashboard. The addition of on-board diagnostics makes scheduled maintenance easier and ensures quick and easy repairs when there is a problem.

By using MyQ Mobile Credentials with the intercom, physical keys and fobs can be replaced, simplifying credential management for property managers. Residents can use the MyQ Community app to enter the front door, gym, mail room, elevator and more, creating a frictionless self-access experience that features two keyless ways to access the property – a press-to-unlock feature and a passcode.

Residents can also share guest passes to let visitors get in the building. These access privileges can be customised in the app so residents can set different access privileges for one-time or frequent guests and for specific periods of time. The app also works with Siri Voice Control, Apple Watch and Apple Airpods, allowing residents to access the front door handsfree with a voice command.

The intercom works with LiftMaster’s line of access control products and options providing access control to meet the needs of any property.

LiftMaster ( is a brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers, as well as a manufacturer of commercial door operators, residential and commercial gate operators, smart video intercoms, and related access control products.