LG brings smart homes to travellers in Taiwan

  • November 30, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

LG Taiwan has partnered with two accommodation providers in the city of Yilan on the nation’s north-eastern coast to offer visitors the latest in smart technology.

As part of this two-year partnership, LG Taiwan teamed up with the Westin Yilan Resort for the launch of the LG ThinQ one-bedroom pool villa, a luxurious villa featuring modern, white décor and plenty of natural light. This elegant space also features minimalist wooden furniture and access to a private pool, Zen garden and hot spring so guests can rejuvenate their minds and bodies, freeing themselves from all outside distractions.

For the smart home experience, the villa’s guest rooms are packed with LG smart home appliances, smart TVs and AV products so they can try everything and experience how easy it is to control them all on the ThinQ app.

During their stay, guests can activate, schedule and view the status of the home’s appliances anytime through the smartphone provided in their room, and use LG OLED TV’s home dashboard or smart speakers to control them remotely, ensuring people of all abilities can experience the smart life.

On entering the villa, travellers can place their outerwear in LG Styler to eliminate the germs they collected on their travels. For guests who just enjoyed a quick swim, LG dryer can gently dry their clothes to eliminate damp odours without damaging the most delicate of fabrics. Moreover, guests can enjoy multimedia entertainment with LG Ultra HD 4K OLED smart TV, which can also be used to monitor and control the smart appliances, such as turning on LG PuriCare AeroTower or PuriCare dehumidifier to create a more comfortable indoor space even during rainy, humid days.

To follow up its first collaboration with the Dezu Group in 2021, which brought to life the HA House Autumn, LG Taiwan created a second ThinQ home this year called the HA House Summer, which is even more smart and comprehensive than the first, setting a benchmark for smart travel accommodations.

HA House Summer is a five-story home converted from the personal residence of Dezu Group’s founder. Featuring a simple yet modern white exterior design, the building has large floor-to-ceiling windows to create a living space that harmonises with surrounding nature.

This sprawling house is filled with LG’s wifi-enabled smart-home appliances, including LG Dualcool air conditioner, PuriCare 360˚ air purifier, PuriCare AeroTower and QuadWash dishwasher. Guests can turn on each floor’s air conditioner via the ThinQ app before entering to enjoy a cool temperature and fresh air as soon as they step inside.

The wireless, portable XBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker provides immersive surround sound while LG StanbyMe, a 69cm wireless touchscreen monitor with movable stand, lets guests enjoy audio and video entertainment on the outdoor turf, at the pool, in the basement’s gaming room and everywhere in between.

The second floor is furnished with home furniture appliances from the LG Objet Collection, including WashTower, Styler and CordZero A9 Kompressor+ vacuum cleaner, while the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator is installed in the first-floor kitchen. The Objet Collection’s natural colour palette evokes comfort and familiarity through its light pastel colours and elegant earth tones that are said to harmonise with nature.