Johnson tailors building management to Middle East and Africa

  • November 16, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Johnson Controls has launches tailored services for remote building management across Middle East and Africa.

The flexible service suite will leverage the Irish company’s OpenBlue digital technology to power remote and contactless services, combined with its 130-years of expertise in green building services.

With more than 20 customisable options to cater to rising demands for smart, healthier and safer buildings, the offering started rolling out in the Middle East and Africa last month.

To address the needs of the regions, the suite is said to offer flexibility and bring digital capabilities to front line service delivery personnel. These capabilities allow the remote monitoring and management of HVAC, controls and fire protection under any circumstances, including emergencies and during a pandemic.

The suite is underpinned by investments in cyber security by Johnson Controls, which has earned the ISA Secure secure development lifecycle assurance certification for its product development practices.

“Touchless remote services, flexible infrastructure and focus on sustainability are developing needs in today’s rapidly changing market landscape,” said Rolando Furlong, vice president at Johnson Controls. “Our enhanced comprehensive services will deliver superior value to our customers, optimising operating costs and providing peace of mind”

By providing more enhanced offerings, users can select service tiers that best meet their needs from a suite of services across four tiers: optimum, expert, enhanced or essential.

OpenBlue infused capabilities include:

  • Remote operating and management of HVAC, controls as well as fire services in real time to ensure equipment performance and uptime;
  • Round-the-clock connectivity with the firm’s subject matter experts;
  • Access to automated, on-demand equipment condition reports for active and real-time diagnostics; and
  • Use of predictive analytics to improve energy consumption and maintain overall system performance. In addition, it allows for proactive planning processes and performance indexing, and provides roadmaps for further enhancements.

Globally, the building services space presents a $150bn opportunity that continues to grow across industries. Johnson Controls’ direct footprint with of over 16,000 service technicians gives the company an opportunity to respond to and address the local service needs for safety, security, comfort, efficiency and performance.

The OpenBlue platform brings together traditional operational technology, existing IT systems and cloud applications infused with artificial intelligence and other technologies, enabling insight, integration and collaboration. Operating technologies can seamlessly communicate and integrate across a broad range of systems, thus making possible many functionalities including contact capabilities, touchless buildings and safe environments.

Johnson Controls’ portfolio of building technology includes names such as Tyco, York, Metasys, Ruskin, Titus, Frick, Penn, Sabroe, Simplex, Ansul and Grinnell.