Johnson Controls turns Discount Group HQ smart

  • March 21, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Johnson Controls and Israeli technology provider Matrix will equip the new headquarters of Discount Group near Tel Aviv with the OpenBlue digital platform to improve operational energy efficiency, occupant comfort and sustainability.

Israeli financial institution Discount Group’s HQ campus will provide the home base for the group’s three main entities – Israel Discount Bank, Israel Credit Cards and Mercantile Discount Bank.

This modern campus with three eight-story buildings, built over two shared floors, will be a major milestone in the group’s history and a landmark building complex in the Rishon LeZion area. It includes the construction of approximately 150,000 square metres of floor space and basements and is expected to house about 4500 employees and guests, along with some 200 external service providers.

The complexity of the campus and the desire for an innovative and user-experience oriented building design are two of the reasons why Matrix and Discount Group decided to choose Johnson Controls and its OpenBlue technology.

The complete installation will also include the design, implementation and integration by Matrix of a range of complementary systems that will facilitate the control and management of a smart campus that will be sustainable, efficient and user-experience driven. Tailoring the project scope to the needs of Discount Group, Matrix will use its capabilities to enhance the user experience of staff and visitors.

As part of an ongoing relationship, Johnson Controls works with Microsoft to deliver OpenBlue and applications in Microsoft Azure. The collaboration continues to focus on implementing smart buildings that deliver key outcomes for users such as Discount Group.

Johnson Controls will deploy its OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings portfolio, which enables users to achieve their sustainability strategy and goals that can drive significant improvements in energy efficiency and corresponding carbon emissions.

This includes OpenBlue Enterprise Manager – a suite of applications designed to monitor and improve energy efficiency, tenant satisfaction, asset performance, maintenance operations, space performance and the comfort of occupants.

Johnson Controls will also be deploying its OpenBlue Companion app for all campus occupants. This will help create a harmonised experience for employees and visitors as they use the building and its grounds, from parking, to meeting rooms to the cafeteria. Overall, OpenBlue will enable Discount Group to save money on energy and maintenance, meet its sustainability targets, attract talent, and offer an attractive place for employees and customers.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Discount Group and Matrix, implementing our OpenBlue to deliver buildings ready for the future where sustainability, smart readiness and efficiency are core assets,” said Tomas Brannemo, vice president at Johnson Controls. “We have created a business fully dedicated to sustainability, delivering technologies and creating partnerships for decarbonising buildings. The building sector accounts for nearly forty per cent of global annual CO2 emissions, so there is no tackling climate change without substantial investment in buildings. We have the technologies to cut carbon emissions today that optimises building systems and cuts both emissions and costs.”

Asaf Givati, executive vice president of Matrix, added: “With this project – a first of its kind in Israel – Matrix cements its position as a leading integrator of cutting-edge solutions. Complementing Johnson Controls’ deep knowledge and innovation, Matrix has vast experience in large project management, together with a wide range of technology capabilities. As well as infrastructure, cloud, cyber, user experience, system analysis and system integration, we also bring expertise in the emerging field of cyber operational technology, which is so key to the cyber defence of modern building management systems.”

And Assaf Eldar, COO at Israel Discount Bank, said: “Our new HQ campus is designed to connect the capabilities of Discount Group, while enabling our employees, customers and visitors to enjoy an innovative, technological, safe and pleasant environment as well as promoting our values of human centricity and environmental sustainability through leading technology. In selecting Johnson Controls and Matrix to carry out this important project for us, we look forward to reaping the benefits that only a collaboration between three such companies can bring, in terms of cutting-edge technology, flawless implementation and the highest levels of security.”

Matrix is an Israeli technology company with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Since its foundation in 2001, it has carried out more than 80 mergers and acquisitions and completed nationwide and cross-global projects for both local and international customers.