Johnson Controls adds security monitoring to OpenBlue

  • April 22, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Johnson Controls has combined its OpenBlue digital platform with monitoring centre experience to ensure security systems and devices are operational, compliant and cyber secure.

The smart sustainable buildings company has designed security lifecycle management for its OpenBlue services to enhance building safety, manage risk and increase the value of investments made in security technology. The offering combines OpenBlue’s suite of connected options with the ability to monitor and manage security devices across vendors, with remote support services and insights from skilled engineers, as well as simplified, integrated zero-trust cyber-security protection.

“In recent years, security professionals have adopted significant advancements in technology to help keep their occupants and assets safe,” said Julie Brandt, president of building products for North America at Johnson Controls. “However, these systems are not designed to set and forget, and instead require continuous monitoring and updates to operate effectively. The intelligence provided by the OpenBlue platform empowers our customers and our service teams with actionable steps to improve security device performance and enhance building safety, taking the legwork and guesswork out of system maintenance and risk management.”

With an understanding of the intricacies of smart building technologies, built over a nearly 140-year history, Johnson Controls is helping users proactively maintain and update their security systems. Its resources can address degrading security system performance before a critical outage occurs and ensure security systems are operational.

Engineers, backed by more than 50 years of managing complex security operations at scale, can identify degrading system performance proactively via remote support services, remedying an overall lack of visibility into system health.

System updates reduce cyber risk and improve performance throughout the lifecycle of security devices, increasing the return on security investments.

A zero-trust cybersecurity architecture protects, connects and centrally manages the security of all physical assets on the network.

Johnson Controls’ acquisition of Tempered Networks ( in 2022 enables secure network access across a diverse set of endpoint devices, edge gateways, cloud platforms and service technicians. The acquisition lets Johnson Controls deliver zero-trust security within the fabric of its OpenBlue software and technologies.

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