iOffice + SpaceIQ BIM Viewer for Digital Twins

  • October 3, 2022
  • William Payne

Workplace tech firm iOffice + SpaceIQ, has launched a Building Information Modelling Viewer that incorporates digital twin capabilities. Building operators will be able to use digital twins of their real estate to eliminate operations blind spots and optimise their operational performance. The BIM Viewer is part of the company’s Archibus workplace management platform, and employs Autodesk Forge APIs, a product of partnership between the two companies that was agreed last year.

The digital twin capabilities of the viewer include both company assets and facilities. The aim is to make it easier for building operators to connect asset and facilities data — enabling users to explore, locate, interact with, and report on space and asset data that was previously difficult to access.

By reducing knowledge gaps that can occur in the handover from construction to operations, BIM Viewer is designed to enable businesses to run their facilities and equipment as intended. This should contribute to a lower carbon future. 

Last year, iOffice + SpaceIQ announced a strategic investment by Autodesk to enhance the integration between Autodesk’s BIM platform and Archibus, iOffice + SpaceIQ’s integrated workplace management system.

In a statement, iOffice + SpaceIQ described the new BIM View as a “a major step forward for digital transformation initiatives in the historically fragmented building lifecycle by addressing several key challenges companies face when considering the implementation of digital twins, including difficulty with integration, overall system complexity, and the time and cost of building out the digital twin.”

The Archibus BIM Viewer uses Autodesk Forge APIs to render BIM models stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud or Autodesk Build, speeding the set-up process and significantly reducing the time it takes to train operations teams to use the technology.

BIM Viewer enhances 3D BIM models with asset, operations, and space data, allowing asset and maintenance managers to quickly explore where their assets are, how they connect, which areas need attention, and how they impact the building and the business.

By combining design, operational, and performance data into a single platform, users will be able to improve efficiency and make smarter, more strategic decisions about their portfolios.

“The voice of our customers drove us to find a new way to provide richer and more connected building and asset data.  We’re proud to be an innovator in this industry,” said Brandon Holden, Chief Executive Officer of iOffice + SpaceIQ. “BIM Viewer will ease the challenges many users have faced when adopting and deploying digital twin strategies, enabling companies to get up to speed on digital twin technology faster — with less complexity and quicker implementation.”