Intel IoT transforms Texas hotel

  • February 18, 2020
  • imc

Intel is collaborating with the Sinclair Autograph Collection in Fort Worth, Texas, turning it into the world’s first all-digital hotel.

The Sinclair uses Intel IoT functionality, including building and in-room sensors, IoT gateways, dashboards, and restaurant sinks and appliances. Together, Intel and The Sinclair are delivering a connected guest experience through location-based analytics, as well as by using offerings from Cisco, SAS and other digital vendors.

“The Sinclair combines the beauty and historical significance of Fort Worth with the innovative connected technology of the future,” said Farukh Aslam, CEO and president of Sinclair Holdings. “By using the latest connected technology from Intel and our other partners, we can offer guests the absolute best experience from the moment they walk through the door. Intel has a rich history of delivering innovations to improve the guest experience, and this hotel will drive innovation forward in the hospitality industry.”

The Sinclair transforms hotel operations to function more efficiently, as well as provide data-driven business insights that let management and staff personalise each guest’s experience.

The technology underpinnings of this smart hotel include:

  • Intel’s IoT gateway brings together the data, edge computing power and management capabilities of the smart building infrastructure.
  • Cisco’s Meraki smart wifi cloud networking with SAS data analytics integration offers location-based analytics and personalised guest messaging.
  • Voltserver’s power over Ethernet (PoE) delivers its patented Digital Electricity to power Cisco switches.
  • Motorised shades and drapes from Somfy use PoE for management and control and are easily controlled by guests through a digital kiosk.
  • Electric Mirror supplies PoE-powered LED mirrors, which guests can use to read trending news, listen to music, get weather updates and contact guest services.
  • Lithium battery-powered uninterruptible power supplies eliminate the need for diesel emergency generators.
  • Intel Unite wireless display and collaboration technology powers the hotel’s meeting spaces.
  • SinkTech IoT sinks in the hotel restaurant regulate water temperature, soap and sanitizer levels through an automated, connected system.
  • Intel PoE NUCs support many of the IoT technologies above – gateways, controllers, data aggregation, edge computing and an Intel Unite hub.
  • End-to-end Intel-based technologies enable the hotel from the smart features above to the reservation systems, point of sale, networking infrastructure, back office and guest services, such as mobile key and wireless charging.

Through these innovations, The Sinclair is reimagining the future of hotels to provide enhanced and personalised technology-driven experiences for guests and hospitality professionals alike. For example, the picture shows a guest looking at a smart mirror inside a guest room bathroom at the hotel.

Hotel staff can use mobile devices to connect to reservation and property management software anywhere on the premises, increasing productivity and customer service. Wireless point of sale systems enable food and drink sales anywhere on the property. Hotel guests can configure environmental settings such as temperature, lighting and shower preferences with a few taps to a digital screen, allowing for a personalised experience.

“Our collaboration with the Sinclair is one of a growing number of examples of how IoT technology is making buildings smarter and allowing hospitality providers to build richer, more personalised and powerful experiences for guests and associates,” said Joe Jensen, Intel vice president. “Intel technology will help The Sinclair deliver next-generation connected experiences to hotel staff and guests.”

LG’s Multi V IV heat recovery units are providing individual room comfort for each space within the larger property. The units also contribute to the building’s energy efficiency.

Local HVAC and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) specialist Texas Air Systems recommended the installation of various indoor units that ensure a quiet conditioned space, including LG’s Art Cool mirror and ceiling cassettes, to accommodate the tight ceiling area within guest rooms. These units’ quiet operation supports a tranquil guest room environment.

LG’s AC Smart controller allows for seamless handling of the HVAC system for the management. This control system is a single LG platform that drives both VRF technology and energy efficiency. Property managers can manage, set and monitor the building’s heating and cooling performance with ease.

“Creating an unforgettable experience for my guests is of the utmost importance as a developer, and I work with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking partners around the globe when developing my properties,” said Aslam. “I am very sold on LG’s technologies and the results are quite impressive, thanks to its amazing energy efficiency and quietness, contributing to the tranquil atmosphere throughout the property.”

The developer also incorporated LG OLED hospitality TVs in every guest room. They use self-lighting pixels that can be individually turned on and off for exact control of image brightness and quality, delivering infinite contrast ratios optimised for high-dynamic range content. In addition to the guest room displays, a number of other LG commercial displays are featured throughout the property’s public spaces, including the lobby, restaurants and bars.

“Thanks to our strong relationship with Sinclair’s owner and building managers, there are multiple products across an array of LG business units installed throughout the property,” said Donald Decker, director of owner sales at LG Air Conditioning Technologies. “Aligning with a partner like The Sinclair on our shared goals to power the building of the future, allowed an ecosystem that connects our industry-leading air conditioning technologies and other LG products to create a comfortable, elevated experience for guests across the entire property.”