Infrared Cameras helps kids back to school

  • September 3, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Schools across the USA are helping bring children back safely using temperature screening technology from Texas-based Infrared Cameras.

The high-accuracy thermal cameras provide rapid temperature screening system, so educators, administrators, parents and students can start the year with more peace of mind.

Temperature screenings are a frontline measure for protecting students and staff, as elevated temperature is one of the first and easiest symptoms of illness to identify. The hardware and software include sensor design, lens construction, software development and temperature reference calibration. The infra-red camera system is touchless and accurate, making it suitable for on-campus common spaces and high-traffic areas.

“From school administrators to parents, a lot of people have concerns about sending students back to school this fall, which is why thermal screening can play a pivotal role in the effort to set their minds at ease.” said Gary Strahan, CEO at Infrared Cameras. “Our temperature scanning technology offers a highly effective way to instantly identify risks before students even reach the classroom.”

The thermal cameras provide 0.01 to 0.03-degree variance. Its full thermal screening system is also fast and easy to install, comprised of three elements – the thermal camera, a small reference device and a computer screen. With red and green light pass-fail indicators, it is easy to use, allowing school staff to dedicate their time to education and operations not learning a complicated process.

“Parents recognise the benefits of in-person learning and want to see their children back in school, which is why we have taken extensive precautions to ensure we can kick off the year in the classroom, including the deployment of infra-red cameras,” said Deep Sran, founder of Loudoun School for Advanced Studies. “The easy-to-use thermal screening system is a critical part of the process we have put in place to keep our students safe this fall, and one of the measures that has led to our increase in enrolment.”

Alongside Loudoun, educational facilities across the country are adopting thermal screening systems, including schools in the DC area, the greater Houston area and Missouri, such as Meadow Heights and Port Arthur Independent School District.

Infrared Cameras has been an innovator in thermal cameras for a quarter century. Long before Covid-19, it was supplying governments, front-line health responders, non-profit organisations and corporations with elevated temperature screening systems to contain the spread of sars, H1N1, ebola and others.

Veteran-owned and based in Beaumont, Texas, Infrared Cameras provides equipment, custom designs, software, calibration, training and more.