Igor and Somfy control smart building lighting

  • November 2, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Smart-building technology firms Somfy and Igor have partnered to make it easier for architects, designers and building owners to connect and control natural and manufactured lighting seamlessly.

Iowa-based Igor’s Nexos IoT platform enables various devices, such as Somfy smart shading, HVAC controls, low voltage lighting, occupancy sensors and more to talk to one another for automation, cost savings and data analytics.

“Somfy is proud to integrate with Igor to create smart, comfortable and energy-efficient buildings,” said Russell Horowitz, national specification manager at French firm Somfy. “Smart shading is a key component to creating innovative spaces that promote wellness and sustainability through natural lighting.”

Studies have shown that building environments have significant impacts on health, wellness and productivity. Lighting plays a large part in this health and wellness conversation, with major impacts on mood, health and circadian rhythm. A coordinated lighting and shading system promotes circadian entrainment in employees, resulting in improved occupant comfort, health, mood and alertness.

“The way we think about physical spaces and our experiences within them is changing,” said Dwight Stewart, founder and CTO of Igor. “Smart building leaders are accelerating their collaboration to rapidly evolve technology so we can allow owners and designers the flexibility they need to bring humans back together safely and comfortably.”

Smarter buildings also create more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. Effectively managing natural light in a space reduces the electric lighting load and creates a more sustainable environment.

Igor’s Nexos platform incorporates hardware, software and cloud analytics to create smart, holistic building control. Igor’s ability to integrate with HVAC systems brings together some of the most impactful building systems for control. Connecting lighting, smart shading and HVAC allows for more energy-efficient buildings that adjust to the people inside.

Automated shading allows buildings to rely on natural light, cutting back on cooling and lighting costs. For instance, shades on a particularly sunny part of a building can be scheduled to lower during the hottest part of the day, triggering lighting to brighten and decreasing the pressure put on HVAC systems.

Igor’s open API and real-time data also invite data analytics to become part of the smart building conversation. It’s now easy to detect which spaces and devices are calling for the most energy and make adjustments based on that analysis. The system can even be configured to make those adjustments in real time. This allows smart buildings to be adaptive, not just to the natural environment, but also to the occupants inside.

Somfy automates and connects shades, blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior screens and pergolas for commercial and residential buildings in 58 countries.

For more than seven years, Igor has been a specialist in IoT smart building technology. Its flagship product Nexos is a PoE-based IoT smart building platform that incorporates hardware, software and cloud analytics to enable smart and secure buildings. Combined with an open API and real-time data, Nexos technology seamlessly integrates lighting controls with building systems, low-voltage devices, business applications and more. It is installed in more than 30 countries.