Hyundai and Kia boost DAL-e Delivery Robot

  • April 10, 2024
  • William Payne

Hyundai Motor and Kia have launched a new verion of the DAL-e Delivery robot. First launched in December 2022, the latest version has improved delivery performance, particularly in complex settings such as offices and shopping malls.

To enhance driving stability, DAL-e Delivery is designed in a square column with rounded corners with the center of gravity at the bottom.

DAL-e Delivery is based on four Plug & Drive (PnD) modules, a mobility solution that combines a motor with steering, suspension, braking systems and environmental recognition sensors.

It can travel up to 1.2 m/s, with the free-moving PnD modules combined with autonomous driving technology to recognize obstacles and navigate in congested areas. The robot’s enhanced suspension is designed to provide a steady ride over bumps in the floor to ensure stable delivery.

DAL-e Delivery is smaller in size than the previous version allowing it to run smoothly, but the internal cargo space has become larger. With the capacity to hold up to 16 cups of coffee and transport items weighing up to 10 kg, it provides convenient delivery solutions for bulky and heavy packages.

DAL-e Delivery possesses autonomous driving capability to navigate and transfer to and from all building floors, interfacing with the elevator and door control system. Quick delivery service is assisted through the robot being able to create optimal routes in real-time.

When DAL-e Delivery arrives at the destination, it recognizes the recipient through its installed camera.

Using advanced AI facial identification technology developed by Hyundai Motor and Kia’s Robotics Lab, the door automatically opens without the need for the recipient to input a password. This facial recognition technology, officially certified by the Korea Internet and Security Agency for its 99.9 percent accuracy, underscores the technological excellence of the Robotics Lab.

The robot features an 11.6-inch high-resolution display, offering a clear representation of the service status. The screen showcases essential information such as destination and operation status, enabling users and pedestrians to intuitively grasp the robot’s service status. Animated facial expressions are displayed on the screen to enhance customer intimacy.

Hyundai Motor and Kia will deploy DAL-e Delivery at IGIS Asset Management’s ‘Factorial Seongsu,’ in the second quarter of this year. Located in Seoul, the smart office building is scheduled to open for occupancy in April. Hyundai Motor and Kia signed a business agreement with IGIS in May last year to commercialize the robot-friendly building.