Honeywell and Idemia provide biometric access

  • February 22, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Honeywell is integrating its security and building management systems with French firm Idemia’s biometric-based access control systems to create a more seamless experience for buildings.

The alliance aims to create and cultivate an intelligent building ecosystem that provides a more seamless and enhanced experience for operators and occupants. The alliance will integrate Honeywell’s security and building management systems with Idemia’s biometric-based access control systems to create frictionless, safer and more efficient buildings.

The plan is to design products that will let occupants easily and securely have contactless engagement with a building, from vehicle recognition at the car park and automatic elevator calls to biometric-based access and personalised conference room settings.

With a focus on security and data privacy, this technology could provide occupants with a safer, more efficient and more enjoyable experience that helps building owners attract tenants.

“We recognise that our customers need to deliver business outcomes like managing complex security requirements and providing healthier, more productive environments,” said Manish Sharma, vice president at Honeywell Building Technologies. “By working with Idemia, we will create an intelligent building ecosystem that better addresses our customers’ key challenges and drives their desired outcomes. Whether it’s a commercial office building, a hospital or an airport, we have the ability to change the way people experience and interact with buildings for the better.”

Idemia’s field-proven AI-based products – such as MorphoWave, a contactless fingerprint device that scans four fingerprints in less than one second, VisionPass facial recognition terminal or the Augmented Vision biometric video analytics platform – integrate with Honeywell security and building management systems. Honeywell’s systems include Pro-Watch integrated security suite, Maxpro Cloud and Enterprise Buildings Integrator.

“We look forward to expanding our long-standing relationship with Honeywell to bring greater value to our customers with more integrations that make for a more seamless building experience,” said Matt Cole, CEO of Idemia’s secure enterprise transactions division. “The ability for our technology to easily integrate with Honeywell safety and security systems will provide building owners and operators more insight and control into creating more efficient buildings, while putting the occupant experience first.”

Honeywell and Idemia will work together to deliver integrations through aligned product creation and joint product roadmaps. The integrated offerings will allow building operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing an incident workflow package that allows standard operating procedures to be configured, reducing compliance exceptions, security risks and response times.

Idemia products also support Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings offerings that help building owners improve building environments, operate more cleanly and safely, and encourage sustained compliance with changing building standards, safety guidelines, government-issued regulations and a company’s risk management policies. Healthy Buildings provide a holistic view of a building’s health based on key factors such as indoor air quality, occupant flow, personal protection equipment analytics, contactless access, thermal screening, social distancing and sanitation efficacy.

With close to 15,000 employees around the world, Idemia serves clients in 180 countries.