Govee adds Matter to smart floor lamps

  • April 22, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Hong-Kong based Govee has added Matter compatibility to its smart interior lighting range with two floor lamps.

The Floor Lamp 2 and Floor Lamp Pro are designed to elevate contemporary living spaces with versatile light options. From soft, ambient mood lighting to clear, focused brightness, these lamps are said to blend functionality and style to enhance the modern home experience.

The Floor Lamp 2 ( is an upgraded edition of the popular Lyra model that enhances the lighting experience by incorporating more light beads and an improved design that offers brighter illumination and broader coverage for larger spaces.

With Matter compatibility included, this lamp integrates into users’ current smart home systems, providing ease of use and enhanced control.

Govee’s signature RGBICWW lighting provides a vibrant palette of colours along with pure white illumination, meeting diverse lighting needs. Users can also easily customise brightness and effects suitable for reading, general use and sleep. As a mid-range model in Govee’s series, the Floor Lamp 2 allows users to enhance their space with style and quality, making it suitable for those outfitting their first apartment.

As the flagship model of the Govee floor lamp series, the Floor Lamp Pro ( provides technology and design to improve the smart home environment.

The Floor Lamp Pro is redefining lighting with its LED arrangement. Equipped with 324 colour and white light beads spaced for optimal illumination, it provides bright, consistent lighting in any setting. With a brightness of 2100 lumens and a wide colour temperature range, the Pro ensures, spot-free room coverage, vibrant colours and seamless gradients. The 1.5-metre light bar also has a 300-degree rotation, making it suitable for corner placement in any room without sacrificing brightness.

This model’s base contains lighting and audio features. The base light offered expanded customisation options, so users can create their desired lighting effects. The integrated Bluetooth speaker syncs sound with light to create an ambient atmosphere without noise distinction. It’s suitable for activities from relaxing to dancing. This feature, coupled with the 28 white noise presets and lighting effects, ensures a customised lighting ambiance, whether for yoga, meditation, reading or listening to a podcast.

Both lamps have customisable features, more than 80 dynamic lighting effects across nature, life, mood and holiday themes, flexible scheduling, and control options via the Govee app, remote control, voice commands, DreamView, and music mode.

Since 2017, Govee ( has been changing the smart living experience with innovative lighting. From gaming setups to living spaces and outdoor areas, the smart lights can transform everyday moments into personalised and engaging lighting experiences.