FSG combines building automation with energy control

  • March 17, 2020
  • imc

FSG Smart Buildings has released building automation software with energy management capabilities combining lighting and HVAC controls with smart metering and IoT devices for multi-site command, control and visibility.
Called Chariot, it can work stand-alone or tie together disparate and legacy systems across portfolios of buildings and be a control point for all things facility related.
“Chariot brings affordable building automation and IoT to the commercial market in one easy-to-use software platform,” said Justin McCullough, chief product officer of Texas-based FSG Smart Buildings. “The problem we see is too many proprietary systems not being expandable and IoT friendly, and we think Chariot is the best way to extend the life of systems and avoid costly rip and replace scenarios.”
The platform supports wired and wireless protocols, including Niagara, Zigbee and wifi, and integrates with brands such as Siemens and Novar. The platform uses modern architecture and API services, enabling cloud-to-cloud integrations and custom IoT initiatives.
“Using Chariot as the software backbone, FSG Smart Buildings is able to provide turnkey building automation,” said Adam Haynes, FSG Smart Buildings VP of product. “FSG can design and deploy unique hardware to support custom IoT initiatives, and Chariot helps bring those to life with the most intuitive building automation user interface in the market today.”
Highlights of the release include:

  • Multi-site command and control of smart lighting and HVAC;
  • Data and trend analysis;
  • Custom alerts and notifications engine;
  • Global set point and schedule edits;
  • Smart energy and water metering;
  • Integration with all manner of IoT sensors and controls;
  • Robust energy dashboard;
  • Equipment, asset and warranty tracking; and
  • Multi-site, mixed-portfolio management in one interface.

The platform is available for any commercial building.

FSG Smart Buildings, a division of Facility Solutions Group, provides building automation for the commercial market. Its open controls, powered by the Chariot platform, allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of building systems, including lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, air quality, metering and IoT sensors. It has automation products actively deployed in more than 8000 locations across the USA.