Etisalat asks Alexa to smarten UAE homes

  • March 28, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

UAE telco Etisalat has introduced a smart living home control that integrates technology for controlling smart home devices in collaboration with Amazon Alexa.

The service provides capabilities that distinguish it from other regional services. Users can control their connected smart home devices in the household with voice commands using a compatible smart eLife TV box empowered by Alexa, the eLife TV dashboard or the Smart Living app. These capabilities are available anytime and anywhere, providing users access to their smart living devices.

“This exciting development for Etisalat is setting the roadmap for the future of smart homes,” said Khaled ElKhouly, chief consumer officer at Etisalat. “The launch is a result of our continuous commitment to consumer needs and interests while addressing them with the latest digital technologies. We will continue to imagine, innovate and implement ideas that will drive smart connectivity and maximise value creation for our customers in all segments.”

Raf Fatani, regional general manager of Alexa, added: “Our collaboration with Etisalat is a testament to our commitment to innovate and design experiences that simplify everyday life. We are excited for our UAE customers to benefit from Alexa’s smart home capabilities and automate trivial tasks, so they can focus on being present and doing what they love most at home.”

Customers can enjoy central control to Alexa-operated and connected smart home devices through voice command, which is accessible and controllable over the eLife TV. By subscribing to the service, users in the UAE can take advantage of Alexa’s built-in technology and capabilities for free.

The service lets users operate various compatible smart home features through voice command, including live video broadcasts from Ring smart doorbells and cameras on the TV screen, TV settings adjustments, such as volume control and channel switching, video-on-demand menu searches, and access to Alexa’s range of capabilities, such as playing music, reading the news, and setting timers and alarms.

The service provides centralised control of smart home devices through a unified mobile application called Smart Living App, which offers multiple functions in one app. Users can sync, control and manage all their smart home devices in one place, create preferred routines for chores, manage energy consumption, and remotely control their homes.

In addition, users can access a Smart Living dashboard on their TV screens that displays connected devices and provides the ability to control them via the TV screen. The dashboard provides a quick view of all smart living devices, allowing users to view and manage them through the TV screen.

The service also lets users control a range of energy-saving products, including Honeywell Home, Philips Smart LED lighting and Yale smart door locks, as well as receiving notifications from Ring doorbells and cameras.

The service aims to enhance the digital customer experience by providing the latest smart technologies and services at reasonable prices. The service includes flexible payment plans of up to 36 months, free home delivery and installation of select branded devices, available technical support, and after sales service.

The service is available for eLife’s customers with 3P (landline, internet and TV) bundles. Customers can sign up for the service through various channels, including Etisalat stores, the mobile app and web site, or by contacting customer service centres. A compatible eLife Smart Living TV box is required to set up this service.