Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner uses AI to recognise obstacles

  • May 27, 2020
  • imc

An intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner from Chinese company Ecovacs Robotics uses artificial intelligence (AI) and visual interpretation technology to recognise obstacles.
The Deebot Ozmo T8 Aivi also uses the AI and visual interpretation for mapping and navigation. The Ozmo Pro version has enhanced mopping performance. Its on-demand video manager increases interaction between human and robot.
“With over 22 years of innovative technology development, Ecovacs Robotics has driven the transition from traditional methods of home cleaning care to automated home care,” said David Qian, CEO of Ecovacs Robotics. “Our new Deebot Ozmo T8 family gives consumers what they have been looking for, a high-end intelligent solution for a hassle-free cleaning experience.”
The robot can recognise and avoid obstacles twice as fast as previous models with a predicted 60% reduction in entanglement rate, relying on machine learning to adapt to the user’s home environment. It also intelligently suggests extra cleaning based on its record of spots avoided.
It can automatically recognise objects including shoes, charging docks, cables, cloths and socks to avoid and prevent the robot from getting stuck.
More AI-powered functions will be offered via over-the-air technology in the coming months, including automated detection of U-shaped chairs and rugs. For U-shaped chairs, the robot will make a single attempt to pass them, and for rugs the robot will automatically adjust roller brush speed to avoid getting stuck.
Compared with the previous generation of Smart Navi 3.0, the TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology can detect a double distance and has four-fold precision to detect objects as small as 2mm. It can scan, map and plan an efficient cleaning path in a large house.
Multi-floor mapping technology can scan and store multiple maps of different levels of a user’s home. For first time cleaning, the robot automatically divides the whole cleaning environment into multiple areas based on the floorplan. Once the robot has identified the appropriate map, it can customise its cleaning process to each level. Furthermore, the upgraded virtual boundary can proactively provide recommendations for virtual walls around areas where it may easily become stuck, with the user only needing to click the confirmation on the Ecovacs Home app to accept the recommendations.
Vacuuming and mopping can be completed in one go. The four-step cleaning provides vacuuming that won’t even miss dust in 4mm deep cracks. An interchangeable mopping module lets it deal with stubborn stains by using electrically powered high-frequency vibration. Fine mopping mode is comparable to an electronic mop. Alternatively, its signature mopping technology uses an electronically controlled water pump and 240ml water tank. It can remove over 99% of bacteria based on the test report from a Japanese testing agency.
With a 5200mAh battery, it can work for three hours and clean large areas of up to 300m2. Carpet detection technology allows it to increase suction power automatically on carpets when vacuuming and avoid carpets when mopping.
When paired with the Ecovacs Home app, or smart home devices such as Amazon Echo or Dot and Google Home, users can also control the robot remotely.
The robot will manage its own updates adding features and functions in the future over the air. Users can update the app to get the functions.
With the real-time camera acting as an on-demand video manager for the entire house, users can choose to use it for watching the home and monitoring the status of pets, children or elders in their house anytime and anywhere through the app.
Another power-up kit will soon be introduced to enhance overall cleaning performance and user experience. The Auto-Empty Station cleans the robot’s dustbin automatically after cleaning. The station’s disposable dust bag holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris to reduce the need to replace the dust bag frequently, so users can enjoy cleaning homes for weeks without the hassle of dumping the bag.