Creo and Versatile partner to optimise construction

  • May 3, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Creo, a Montreal-based project management firm, is bringing Californian construction technology pioneer Versatile’s CraneView technology to the Canadian market.

Versatile uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the IoT to optimise construction processes. CraneView analyses thousands of data points from under the hook of any crane to deliver insights on job site performance and streamline decision-making.

This technology provides production data to achieve visibility into crane use, outliers, construction progress and more. Since its 2019 launch, CraneView has been adopted by more than 40% of the leading general contractors in North America.

“We believe data are incredibly powerful on the job site and insights from CraneView will make operational processes more transparent and efficient,” said Enzo Conte, CEO of Creo. “Deploying artificial intelligence on construction sites is a logical next step to complement Creo’s technological offerings.”

Innovation and process improvements in the construction industry have been a major focus for Creo. Founded in 2010, it was among the first in Quebec to use cloud-based collaborative platforms and implement recognised project management best practices. The company’s team of professionals supports the construction industry by optimising operations through data analytics. This digital transformation enables informed decision-making using business intelligence.

“As we continue to expand throughout North America, it’s important for our clients to have access to expert, local representatives,” said Meirav Oren, CEO of Versatile. “We’re excited to provide capable boots on the ground through our partnership with Creo. Local construction companies can now harness the power of CraneView and Creo’s extended suite of technologies to empower their teams to create new efficiencies on their job sites.”

Headquartered in Montreal, Creo offers specialised professional services in the management of building and infrastructure construction projects as well as technology dedicated to the construction industry.

Based in Los Altos, California, Versatile creates technology that gives construction professionals visibility into their production rates. By delivering the right data to the right people at the right time while fitting existing processes, a fragmented industry can become a controllable manufacturing process. The aim is to increase productivity, predictability and safety with the insights needed to manage and bid on future projects more competitively.