Bodhi links Adapt Energy to give homes more control

  • November 13, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Florida-based Bodhi has linked its building management platform with PanTech Design’s Adapt Energy to create a smarter, more efficient approach to AC power management in multi-residence housing developments, condominiums and resorts.

Texas firm PanTech’s Adapt Energy offers homeowners breaker-level control of a home’s energy load, including utility power, solar arrays, battery and generator backups. It integrates with popular home automation systems to manage energy use of HVAC, lighting, entertainment and other home systems.

It can even forecast the weather to allow proactive planning for outages, and produces tailored and automated energy conservation strategies through personalised profiles and schedules.

Bodhi offers property managers and developers a simple-to-use management dashboard linking Adapt Energy systems across a property or community. This provides property and community-wide monitoring, automation and control of systems including HVAC, lighting, audio-video, AC power and water metering.

Occupancy-based away settings reduce energy use. Predictive maintenance can detect small faults in key systems and alert maintenance staff before the problem causes a failure.

There is proactive protection against losses from floods, leaks and mould, and the Bodhi resident app gives the homeowner control of energy management, keyless entry, HVAC, lighting and entertainment systems, and communication with management.

“Bodhi and Adapt Energy are a fantastic combination,” said Troy Morgan, president of PanTech Design. “We all came from the same foundation and have an innate understanding of how a smart home should work. We’ve grown our companies in different ways, but it just makes sense to combine the Adapt Energy vision of home energy management with the Bodhi vision of property-wide and community-wide system monitoring, automation and control.”

Bodhi ( is a cloud-based application that controls, schedules and manages virtually all of the technology installed in multi dwelling unit residential developments, as well as hotels, resorts, homes and offices. Any property manager, engineer, concierge or homeowner can begin using it immediately.

Adapt Energy ( provides integrated home energy management with simple, intuitive control of the home’s electrical panel and home automation system to optimise energy use and proactively manage power outages.