Autodesk lets construction teams share relevant data

  • April 5, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Autodesk is helping construction teams share only relevant data with project stakeholders, regardless of whether they are on the same team or building project within Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Called Bridge, the capability gives teams control over their respective project data sets by letting them share select sheets, folders and files with collaborators without having to share all project information.

The collaboration capabilities delivered by Bridge lessen the need for manual data transfer and management and provide confidence that everyone is working from the same information, reducing rework and saving teams time and money that directly impacts their bottom lines.

“Communicating relevant information with each stakeholder in a timely manner can be a manual and time-consuming process that often leads to data loss and miscommunication, putting us at risk of rework, increased costs and extended timelines,” said Luis Angel Garcia, BIM specialist at construction engineering company SSOE Group. “On the other hand, sharing entire projects with team members can compromise privacy and requires tedious permission setting. Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Bridge gives us the flexibility to automatically share relevant information with stakeholders, while still maintaining control over our project data. Bridge radically simplifies our collaboration across teams and projects so we can deliver work on time and within budget.”

Bridge empowers project members with the flexibility they need to share relevant information with different teams and projects using Autodesk Construction Cloud, facilitating smoother collaboration to complete projects on time and within budget.

General contractorsgain a simple way to coordinate work between their trades and provide visibility to owners, while ensuring owned project information is documented and saved in a centralised location. Whether they are working on a large project and want to split each component into its own sub-project or want to break out projects for trades to meet privacy mandates set by owners, general contractors can use Bridge to share data with different teams and projects from one main, easy-to-manage instance.

Specialty tradescan share necessary information such as project install progress with general contractors while maintaining their respective data within their own project instances. If they have multiple ongoing projects, trade teams can also aggregate their data into one main, easy-to-manage internal location for an aggregate view that strengthens analytics and future decision making.

Ownershave visibility into project performance and construction documentation when they link data using Bridge. Information is not lost in manual send-and-receive workflows and the data needed to make timely project decisions become easier to find.

Designers can communicate the latest design documents with owners and contractors and keep a pulse on how design intent is being upheld during construction. Bridge enables designers to protect intellectual property and share only necessary sheets and files while also reducing time spent on manual send-and-receive workflows.

“Every construction project is different and our customers need flexibility to collaborate according to the needs of each project,” said Sameer Merchant, vice president at California-based Autodesk. “Additionally, different stakeholders need to maintain agency of the data pertinent to their work on a project. Bridge introduces a transformational new collaboration capability that gives teams the autonomy and flexibility to manage their own data. Project stakeholders can maintain their own project instances and save on the time, cost and confusion that often results from having to manage external collaborator permissions and manual send-and-receive workflows.”

Bridge is available at no additional cost to those using Autodesk Construction Cloud’s web applications.