Autodesk integrates Planera into Construction Cloud

  • March 11, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Autodesk has integrated Planera’s construction critical path method (CPM) scheduling and planning into its Construction Cloud software.

Autodesk Construction Cloud software and services include a builders’ network and predictive insights for construction teams.

The integration combines Planera’s CPM-based scheduling software with Construction Cloud, creating a seamless offering for users while promoting profitability and efficiency.

Project teams can now build, analyse and optimise construction schedules from Planera directly within Autodesk Build Insights ( or BIM 360 ( project home dashboards.

“As Planera continues to grow and provide user-friendly construction planning and scheduling, our integration with Autodesk is the next step in serving an even larger group of contractors, engineers and architects,” said Nitin Bhandari, CEO of California-based Planera. “By integrating with Autodesk Construction Cloud, we eliminate the hassle of switching back and forth between programmes to manage construction schedules alongside other project management priorities. Now, these priorities can be approached simultaneously.”

Planera’s full suite of user-friendly scheduling and planning tools complements Autodesk Construction Cloud ( by providing users seamless access to resources that simplify the ability to establish an accurate scope of work for more accurate estimates, develop a baseline, maintain progress schedules, and execute work with collaborative pull-planning. Planera improves schedule quality and facilitates stronger team alignment while offering resource and scenario analysis, including built-in DCMA-14 quality checks and risk analysis capabilities.

“Project teams often struggle to develop streamlined, but realistic, schedules,” said James Cook, director at Autodesk. “Embedding Planera into Autodesk Construction Cloud helps teams develop and view their comprehensive project schedules alongside the critical project data managed daily in Autodesk Construction Cloud.”

Planera ( is a CPM-based scheduling and planning platform for the construction industry. With a 3D whiteboard, it lets all stakeholders create, review and optimise schedules. Planera addresses scheduling needs in all three phases of pursuit, pre-construction and project execution. Features include built-in schedule quality audit and Monte Carlo risk simulation.